Wednesday, May 18, 2022


South Africa Rhino Death Toll Released

The South African government has released that latest figures for rhino deaths in the country. According to the latest news from South Africa Department...

Surpassing Wildebeests, Zebras Hold New Record for Longest Migration

In the grasslands and floodplains of southern Africa, conservationists have observed a 300-mile (500 kilometers) zebra migration — the longest known trek of any...

National Ministry Of Tourism, South Africa Speech

National Ministry Of Tourism, South Africa Speech By Honourable Minister Van Schalkwyk ------------------------------- AT INDABA 2014 OPENING CEREMONY DATED SATURDAY, MAY 10, 2014 In the life of a...

Close Encounters of an Elephant Kind

Thanks to Joy Adamson I have been in love with Lions since I was a child.  Seeing my first Lion in Kruger National Park...

Tanzania Sacks Top Officials Over Animal Smuggling

Tanzania has sacked the most senior official responsible for managing its wildlife and two others over the illegal export of more than 100 live...

The Ivory wars at Zakouma National Park

Elephants that are found in Zakouma National Park are known to be the most recent stranglehold meant for the typical savannah elephants that are...
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