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Africa’s Biggest Reality Show Is Back!!!

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Are you ready for the drama, loads of laughter, and tears? Big Brother Africa will never disappoint! Get ready to be dazzled when Africa’s biggest reality series hits the screens on 7 September 2014!

It’s Big Brother Time and since the first season, the reality series has attracted some funny, dramatic, weird, and wonderful characters that have kept viewers glued to the screens 24/7. Some housemates who have been part of this huge show have had their talents realized and have gone on to grace TV screens; newspapers and have their profiles trending on every social media site, blog, and website.

Season 9 is no different; in fact, housemates and viewers alike will be pleasantly surprised at how Biggie intends to rise to this one. And in true Big Brother fashion, fans of the show and potential housemates will have to wait and see how he will turn dreams of some deserving and eager youngsters into reality and transform them into household names.

Entry is open to the same 14 countries with the only exception being Angola which will be replaced by newcomers in Rwanda. As a result of the change, participating countries this year are Botswana, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

Entries are only open to persons over the age of 21, who are citizens of one of the participating countries and must have a valid passport. Producers are looking for persons who are entertaining and passionate about the Big Brother experience, and they have to be fluent in English.

Audition dates will be finalized in June and more information on BIG BROTHER AFRICA 9 will be made available over the next month, so stay tuned to DStv, follow the action on Twitter and Facebook and keep checking the website; www.africamagic.tv/bigbrother .

What to Do When Your Rental Car Breaks Down

Tanzania Road Adventure

Are you looking to renting a car in Tanzania? Some of the important things to know before you hit the road are the uncalled instances of a car breakdown.
Car breakdowns are something unexpected and you need to be in the know how to handle this situation while on self drive in Tanzania. The following tips will help you in getting your problem solved easily so that you cannot waste much of your time.

Once the car breaks down along a busy highway and freeways can be so stressing and dangerous at the same time. In case you find yourself in a vehicle breakdown situation on a self drive safari, please keep calm and follow these vital steps below.

Remember to pull over off the road in case you find a safe place or in the emergency breakdown lane. Always indicate and try to stay on the level ground, if you would like to pull onto the left shoulder, always ensure that you are far away from moving traffic. In case you can’t pull off the road, the hazard lights must be turned on. Please don’t risk injury by attempting to push your vehicle to safe location and if you are not sure of your safety as well as the vehicle, just stand beside it and don’t stay in your vehicle. Leave your car only if it’s a safe place.

Always note your vehicle’s location; locate for the main exist. Go ahead and note land marks such as service stations, shopping centers, restaurants and the business complexes. You have to remember the last exist name or a numbered sign near your location since this will help you when calling for assistance.

Evaluate your vehicle’s operating problem, did you hear any noises, experience weird car responses, nor note smoke coming from under the hood. In case you are going to get out of the vehicle to evaluate the situation; look carefully for the oncoming traffic especially during night time. Move out of the vehicle from the side way from traffic, always don’t stand behind or in front of your car since you might be knocked by the drivers who might not see you.

Always make your vehicle visible to be able to alert other drivers; turn on the emergency flashers most especially at night or in bad weather. Put up your vehicle’s hood and in case you have a bright hand kerchief, a light jacket, scarf, get to tie it to the antenna or door handle or you can hold it by trying to close the window.

Try to communicate your situation; once you are in a safe location, try calling police since they will advise on what to do. After this, call any family member and advise them of your circumstances and location.

Remember to call for road side assistance and inform the operator; when you make the call, offer the phone number where you can be reached, tell your location, the type of your problem and try to explain the circumstances that might need special care like transport considerations, the large number of passengers, the rare vehicles, infants as well as medical needs.

You must know your rights and responsibilities; this is your responsibility to understand what services your road assistance or the insurance policy will cover automatically. And in case you decide to exit the vehicle, stay away from the oncoming traffic and always exit through the side of the car that is facing away from traffic. Also be aware of your surroundings and remember to carry a flash light with you especially at night.

And in case you choose to stay in your vehicle; keep the windows and doors locked, remember not to leave the engine running for longer periods since this could put you at a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Call police in case you are threatened by any stranger or honk the horn repeatedly and flash to attract the attention of other vehicles.

Platnumz; the Diamond of African Music

Diamond Platinumz

Long vanished are the days when writing about African musicians was all about unenthusiastic annotations and cynicism. We have since ushered in an era where we are proud of our musicians, nay, where our musicians do us proud.

One such artist is Diamond Platnumz. I once wrote here that he was destined to musically conquer Africa and I guess the brother held my prophecy by the throat and is seriously fulfilling every bit of it.
From his Nana video going viral to his award winning binge, Platnumz has proved beyond all doubt reasonable, that he is the Diamond of African music.

I could not hold my excitement back when Diamond was announced the winner of the East Africa Super Hit at the Prestigious HiPipo Music Awards. Not forgetting his recent Best Live award win at the Mtv Africa Music Video awards. It was so much in keeping with the force that this sensational artist has become.

His performance at the same awards event also proved that there was more to Platnumz than just his splendid vocals and scrumptious videos. He has also got the aptitude to put the stage fire with his energy and taste for choreography.

Platnumz has steadily become a household name in Africa and beyond and the reception he received during his performance at the Mtv Music Video awards is clear attestation to that. The brother doesn’t take things for granted. He knows that he has an amazing voice, but he also knows that there’s more to music than just a voice.

Explains why he pays critical attention to every detail of his videos and live performances, right from costumes to choreography. Platnumz is undoubtedly a jewel, one that Africa must be proud to export to the world.

His presence and use of social media as well as an organised team are some of the other factors giving Platnumz a well deserved edge. Wherever he goes, he is received just like he is back home in Tanzania. His performance at MAMA after party in Nairobi is clear substantiation to that.

Diamond Platnumz embodies the generation of African artists that do us proud; one from whom others can pick a leaf.

Scorpion Kings, Tresor Announce ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ Collaboration Album


Summer in Africa is here and to celebrate, Scorpion Kings (DJ Maphorisa and Kabza De Small) have teamed up with pioneering Afro-pop singer, TRESOR to announce the release of Rumble in the Jungle, a 14-track anthemic amapiano experience that’s available for pre-order on Apple Music today and due for release via Platoon in February 2021.

With the uplifting, dance-rooted first single “Funu”, that’s available to stream on Apple Music today, DJ Maphorisa and Kabza De Small cement their status as South Africa’s premiere DJs by fully integrating amapiano into the mainstream and by doing so, further spearheading the culture.

DJ Maphorisa has been the man behind South Africa’s favourite club bangers for just under a decade, with his main aim to change the game positively, producing hits like Uhuru’s “Y-Tjukutja” and Mafikizolo’s “Khona” both in 2013, and going on to release the lauded gqom anthems “Oncamnce” and “Midnight Starring”. He also collaborated with American super group, Major Lazer, on the 2017 African anthem, “Particular” which topped the charts across 17 countries on the continent.

Kabza De Small is frequently referred to as the King of amapiano and with good reason. His tracks “Sponono” and “iLog Drum” were instrumental in popularizing the genre, and his debut album I Am The King of Amapiano: Sweet & Dust (2019), became the first album on Apple Music to have all 26 tracks in the Top 30 of the Top 100 Music Chart.

Together, Maphorisa and De Small are the mighty Scorpion Kings and, like their chart-topping albums Scorpion Kings (2019), Return of the Scorpion Kings (2019) and Scorpion Kings Live (2020), their upcoming album Rumble in the Jungle is made even more unique by the addition of Afro-pop maverick and entrepreneur, TRESOR. Renowned for his distinct sound, TRESOR is a multi-platinum selling artist and three-time award winner for Best Pop Album at the SAMAs, and his distinct vocal timbre had earned him a legion of fans worldwide.

TRESOR has comfortably cemented his position in the African Pop genre since the release of his award-winning breakout album, VII in 2015. He has gone on to add to his string of accolades, including two SAMAs for Best Male Artist and Album of the Year for The Beautiful Madness (2017) and a Southern African Afrimma Award for Best Male Artist in 2018.

On Rumble in the Jungle, TRESOR’s uplifting vocals elevate Maphorisa and De Small’s compositions that blend amapiano and Afro-house to create a sound that is groove-inducing and is sure to set the tone for the rest of summer.

Best Places for Gorilla Trekking in East Africa


Gorilla Trekking – the once in a lifetime experience for most. It is not something that one can hastily put together. There are exceptions where things fall into place at the last moment, but for the most part it is best to plan your gorilla trek well in advance – especially during the peak season months of June to September and December to January.

If you plan well in advance – 3 – 6 months – you will have permits in hand even during high – peak seasons of June to September and December to February in Rwanda and or Uganda the two best places for Gorilla Tours in East Africa.
Both Uganda and Rwanda offer safe and accessible gorilla trekking all year-around – one difference between Uganda and Rwanda is the price of permits – US$700 and US$1500 respectively. Uganda currently offers discounted – promotional permits of $400 that will end in March 2021.

For the adventurous of heart you can trek mountain Gorillas in Rwanda in the Virunga Volcano chain and in Uganda in the ancient, UNESCO World Heritage Site of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga Gorilla Park. Here are the best places to go for Gorilla Trekking in East Africa


Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is the best places for gorilla trekking in Uganda. It is an ancient forest which survived the massive plate shift of the earth that created the Western Rift is a most amazing. Bwindi in the local Bagika language means “a dark, difficult, a fearful place“, so actually one could say Impenetrable Forest. In some places of Bwindi the canopy of the trees is so thick that no light gets through. There is also a large swamp deep in the forest. Thankfully the mystical Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is not so impenetrable – in fact it is quite accessible and it is the best place in Uganda to track Mountain Gorillas if not the best place to track them in the three countries where Mountain Gorillas exist.

The forest has four designated Gorilla tracking sectors including Buhoma, Rushaga, Ruhija and Nkuringo.

  • The Buhoma area is the lowest altitude in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, it is also a less strenuous tracking location, it has the most lodging facilities from budget to luxurious up-market establishments with splendid views of the incredible forest.
  • On the other hand, the Ruhija area is a diverse area of the park and if you are tracking a gorilla family group here such as the Bitukura Group or the newly added Oruzogo Group it is best for you to stay in one of the lodging facilities (from budget to up-market) in the area, unless you would like to take a 2 hour ride on a rocky road prior to your gorilla tracking experience at Ruhija.
  • Rushaga area is a part of the southern sector Bwindi while the Nkuringo area is one of the most scenic areas of the park. However, Nkuringo is an area where you are going to burn a few calories while gorilla tracking especially as you return from your gorilla trek, climbing up a long distance toward the top.


The only and best place to go for Gorilla Trekking In Rwanda is the Volcanoes National Park.
There are more than 13 habituated Gorilla Family Groups that can be visited at Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. – that is translated into 80 permits a day available for visitors at US$750 per person.

These range in size from less than 10 members to 40 in number – your fitness level helps in matching you with the right gorilla group for you to track on the day of your Gorilla Trek in Rwanda.

At 7 am the gorilla orientation begins with a cup of coffee or tea and a traditional Rwandan Itore Dance Performance.
The treks range from shorter hikes to all-day treks in the case of Susa Group. As in Uganda Pre-trackers are out locating your gorilla group – meaning that very rarely do visitors not see their gorilla gorilla group on their scheduled day -only one of our clients – out of hundreds did not see the gorillas on the first day but did so on the second day.

Gorilla Tracking in Rwanda is different from Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda though both are found to be equally rewarding – Rwanda Tracking is on the slopes of the Virunga Volcanoes – and in Uganda in the ancient Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. Other areas to find Gorillas in East Africa is Uganda’s Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and Virunga National Park of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Nigeria’s Kendrickson Releases ‘Wayo’ Single & Video

Kendickson is one of the most sought-after new generation acts in the Nigerian music scene. The singer-songwriter has slowly grown his reputation with a slew of hit songs, the most recent being WAYO, just released in East Africa. Produced by Insane Chips (Nigerian beat maker), WAYO is a mid-tempo feel-good Afrobeat dance song in which Kendrickson professes his feelings to a lover. With a beautiful music video featuring African queens, directed by Clarence Peters, and capturing the song’s storyline with a series of energetic dance scenes; WAYO is set to take over charts.

WAYO on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DpuEuSEmtag

Speaking on this new release of WAYO in East Africa, Kendickson says, I want to assure all my East African fans that I have come to give you nothing but good music,” adding, “My music is influenced by my immediate environment and the quest in becoming the best of my kind. I hope my fans enjoy this single.” Kendickson is currently working on his new EP, which is set to drop alongside his new foundation in 2021.

Kendrickson is a master at different music genres, from Afrobeat, Hip life, Contemporary to Jollof music. He showcases his diversity with each release, like the successful hit singles before WAYO. They include Afro-pop banger “Jojo” and the Reggae-infused number “Blessings”—both also produced by Insane Chips.

With the ongoing protests & campaigns in Nigeria on #EndSars, Kendickson adds his voice: “It’s not just about the protest but the people are asking for more, they want power returned to the people because they are tired of oligarchies who claim we practice democracy. They want a Nigeria where the poor can be heard and a nation where true democracy is practiced.” Adding, “No matter how hard you try you can’t stop a man from fighting back to get what is rightly his and that is what is happening right now.”

About Kendickson

Originally going by the name Amu Kingsley, Kendickson started his music journey in 2011 before going professional in 2016. He is today touted as one of the fastest rising artists in West Africa, thanks to the recognition he is already gaining in the music industry. His stellar vocal prowess has made him a favourite among showbiz promoters, presenters, DJs and event organizers. He has received awards for the Best New Act of the Year at the City People Music Awards (2019) and The Next Rated Superstar at Stream Awards (2019).

French-born Cameroonian Artist James BKS Releases ‘No Unga Bunga’

French-born Cameroonian producer James BKS’ music is a meeting point between traditional African rhythms, choirs and avant-garde urban sounds. His new single “No Unga Bunga”—released today via Idris Elba’s 7Wallace label doesn’t shy away from this.

“No Unga Bunga” is the first track off his forthcoming EP, set for release in 2021. It touches on self-belief, heritage and grief, with a sample of the Super Beagle classic “Dust A Sound Boy” looped throughout over James BKS’ signature sound rich in percussion.

“No Unga Bunga’ is a gathering cry and a message to face adversity by standing proud, strong and united. With the sad loss of his father Manu Dibango to COVID-19 earlier this year, James BKS grapples with continuing and embracing his father’s legacy, In “No Unga Bunga” he goes, (“Mama said go be great, bloodline royal in your vein”), while also reflecting on his career as a DJ, producer and songwriter.

Director and photographer Mahine SEF has brought to life a rhythmic and intense music video with inheritance and legacy themes as central. With dozens of artistic references, Mahine is a name to remember in the French audiovisual landscape. He has collaborated successfully with French and African artists such as DJ Arafat, Runtown and Memphis Depay.

Watch “No Unga Bunga” music video 

James BKS is the leader of a mixed and eclectic community in the music video, leading us to a post-apocalyptic universe where life no longer seems to exist. Yet energy and hope emanate from this nation where several portraits are superimposed and give life to an urban and modern setting filled with Africanity, an implicit representation of James BKS’ multiculturalism.

The notion of movement is explored through the presence of the Guinean dancer and contortionist Abdoulaye Keita. Luka Austin, French krump champion, lends himself to the game of choreographer accompanied by members of The Vipajiz (Parisian afro-urban dance group) who emit a communicative energy. We also find out the beautiful Senegalese model Mame-Anta Wade, muse for Rihanna (Fenty) and YSL. A young girl rises and shines on the screen, she is the symbol of the handover and the legacy message precious to James BKS. The 12-year-old dancer Elysha, is already very popular on social media.

The song ponders his internal battle and his desire to stand on his own and create his own lane. James BKS explains, “This song is about me embracing my path no matter how hard or long the road to success might be. ‘No Unga Bunga is about heritage, not material things but what is truly meaningful and precious: education, love, lessons, advice, time”.

James’ music is a perfect crossover of his African roots (a nod to his father, the legendary late Cameroonian saxophonist Manu Dibango) and urban hip hop sensibility – having grown up in the US and produced for the likes of Talib Kweli, Snoop Dogg, and Mr Eazi as well as French music icons Booba and Soprano.

James BKS is a unique artistic figure. His music, like his person – two inseparable entities as they reflect each other – are the fruit of an unusual initiatory journey, between acceptance of Cameroonian roots long ignored and the discovery of an innate talent for music production. A unique and singular entity, James BKS’s project reflects his passage from the shadows, as a producer, to light, as an artist in his own right.

Carrying meaning and a movement that goes beyond his person, the music of James BKS, unifying by nature, unites around causes that connect people of African descent as well as all those who wish to reconnect with their heritage. A producer for a time, he developed his paw and cut his teeth with renowned urban figures. As an artist today, he relies on independence by setting up his structure, a creative house welcoming his own artistic compositions.

James had an unexpected reunion with his biological father, Manu Dibango (celebrated Cameroonian musician, songwriter and instrumentalist who played the saxophone and vibraphone). His heritage has additionally influenced him to compose music, between hip-hop sounds, African percussions and pop melodies – that reflects on his identity.


Afropop Singer Wendy Kimani Makes a Comeback with ‘Pagawisha’


Wendy Kimani is one of Kenya’s most sought after female singers. The Afropop and Soul star makes a comeback into the music scene with “Pagawisha”- new single and video.  The Afrosoul banger in which Wendy sings of a lover who completely confuses [pagawisha] her is produced by So Fresh.

Wendy says, “I am really excited to be releasing my new single after years of being away. I had so much fun working on this song. With it, I just wanted to bring musical joy to my audience,” adding on Pagawisha, “ It means, ‘you confuse me in the best way possible’. It’s a feel-good song talking about reigniting love in a relationship. It’s about finding that fire and feeling those butterflies again and getting romantic. It’s also about the fire I feel inside of me right now, I have fallen in love with music again.”

The music video, shot and directed by Alexander Ludwick and Kenneth Van Bochove, is a smooth dosage of Wendy and her love interest. In spirit “Pagawisha” that celebrates reigniting passion and falling in love is reflective of Wendy’s personal story of falling in love with music once again. With its positive vibes and African influences, this is the perfect song to bring some light into 2020.

Watch PAGAWISHA music video

This comeback means a journey to Wendy’s upcoming EP and single releases. She teases her next single, “You will love my Afro House song coming up next, it’s called “Same Ol Love” and has got that South African house and dance vibes. At the same time, Wendy launched a new YouTube channel, ‘Wendy’s New Normal’ that follows her life living in The Netherlands, since her relocation from Kenya. She reveals, “It’s all about rediscovering myself, marriage, mental health, my hair journey and also health conditions like PCOS conditions.”

Wendy Kimani is one of Kenya’s top Afrosoul singers. Over her career, she has released a number of successful hit songs, including “Haiwi Haiwi” featuring Bien Aime-Baraza of Sauti Sol, “Unajua” and “Usiende” – both collaborations with Gilad. Since its release, the “Unajua” music video has garnered over 6 million views on YouTube and received massive airplay across numerous radio and TV stations.

About Wendy:

Wendy started her music career by auditioning for East Africa’s TV singing competition Tusker Project Fame. The Neo-soul influenced vocalist was one of the top fifteen contestants on the show and eventually emerged first runner’s up. After the show, she went on to record with artists such as Tim Rimbui, Kanyeria and performed with the likes of Eric Wainaina, The Villagers Band, Gilad and many others. She launched her debut album titled – ‘My Essence’ in 2013.

Wendy also started her acting career in 2013 starring in the drama series Rush as an aspiring singer working in a women’s rights firm in Nairobi. She has also starred in films including AMOF (Africa Magic Original Films), Die Husband Die, First Issue, Perfect Imperfections and The Checklist. Wendy relocated and now lives in the Netherlands after marrying her longtime Dutch boyfriend.

I Quit My Job In Bank To Do Music – Mayorkun Inspires Fans


Via his instagram account, 26-year-old Nigerian singer Adewale Mayowa Emmanuel, mononymously known as Mayorkun, shared a bit of his successful musical journey.

In a video posted to his Instagram account, the singer revealed how he quit his job in a bank, as a banker, to chase his dream in music. The ”Betty Butter” singer revealed how he wasn’t happy in the financial sector (due to bad pay) and decided to quit the banking profession then follow his dream, to do music.

“I am here to tell you to do you. I used to be a banker…I went on to do music and ever since I’ve been happy,” said Mayorkun.

Away from that, the singer also disclosed to his fans how he used the corona virus period at home to learn video editing, and hence encouraged his fans as well to utilize their opportunities efficiently and effectively and live out their true selves and be happy.

“Banker turned Superstar. No fear. Talk your own? Use the hashtag #DoYou,”read Mayorkun’s caption  on his post.

Such an inspirational story from Mayorkun!!! Blessings………

12 African Travel Experiences Not to Miss on Your Bucket List

Simien Mountains

“I hope you have an experience that alters the course of your life because after Africa nothing has ever been the same again…” So said Suzanne Evans. To many of us in Africa, we never understand the strange fascination that foreigners have for our continent and the fact that most of them think Africa is just one large country with several wild animals and mud and wattle huts and kids with hungry bellies that have not been fed in a while.

The thing is, Africa is more than the ads you see on TV asking you to contribute to a hungry child by sending money to a non-profit organization. Africa is several different shades of people, speaking different languages in several different countries scattered all over the continent and brought together by the love of community.

You have not traveled until you have moved out of your country to see the beauty that our continent has to offer.

We have developed an ultimate bucket list that you need to experience at some point in your life.

Okay. Let’s go.

  1. Trek the Ethiopian Highlands

Ethiopia is a traveler’s gem; you have to add this country to your African travel bucket list any day. The highlands (pictured above), or rather rugged mountains located in the “Horn of Africa”, are sometimes referred to as the “Roof of Africa” and extend up to Eritrea.

They were formed when Magma from the Earth forced its way into the surface. They used to be home to the ancient kingdom of Kaffa, which has several remnants that were dug up by archaeologists.  They’ll make a good history lesson on your tour.

The highest peak of the highlands is the Ras Dashen from the Semien Mountains.

2. Victoria Falls, Zambia/Zimbabwe

Located on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe off the Zambezi River in Southern Africa, these falls are the widest of their kind all over the continent and some of the best tourist attractions.

Victoria Falls

With amazing water rafting, bungee jumping off the Victoria bridge, the falls make the ultimate destination for any thrill seeker. Even better, you can take a guided walk over the falls and wait for the moonbows that occur when the moonlight rays hit the waterfalls, creating a cascading play of lights.

3. Marvel at the Old Quarters of Zanzibar

Zanzibar is just off the main coast of Tanzania and will make a good destination for your wandering feet. You will love the architecture of the old Stone City with the slave quarters that were used to hold slaves before they were shipped off.

There is an overwhelming vintage beauty within that tiny coastal town filled with churches and mosques built years ago with a mixture of Portuguese and Arabic architecture styles, a distance from the expansive ocean.

4. Frolic with mountain gorillas

Gorilla Trek in Rwanda
Gorilla Trekking in Volcanoes National Park

Rwanda is beautiful; even more beautiful is its green lush countrysides filled with the wonders of the wild, ready for your eyes to explore. You will see the several endangered mountain gorillas on your trek in their green natural habitats. And if you get the chance you will also spot the twin lakes of Burera and Ruhondo almost at the border of Rwanda. You can also go and meet these great apes on a gorilla safari in Uganda.

5. See King Khufu’s Pyramid

Also known as the Pyramid of Giza, this is the oldest pyramid in Egypt that was built around 2560 BC. The pyramid is said to be the tomb of the Pharaoh Khufu, who is also known as Cheop. This pyramid used to be the tallest manmade structure in the several wonders of the world.

The pyramid features several structures that are divided into chambers for the Pharaoh, his wife and their servants. There is a very beguiling history surrounding the pyramid and the more you learn, the more you understand how superb the structure is. Don’t try to climb to the top of the pyramid because it is illegal.

6. Sossusvlei Dunes

The southern part of the Namib desert in Namibia offers travellers a chance to marvel at the Sossusvlei Dunes. The name of this wonder is a mixture of Namib and Afrikaans languages meaning “dead-end marsh” due to its structure and formation that acts as a drain for the Tsauchab River.

The sand dunes are very tall and are estimated to be over 200 metres with the highest being 380 metres.

7. Cape Winelands

The Winelands are located in the northeast of Cape Town with some of the best views in South Africa and are easily accessible from Cape Town through tour buses and by car. You can visit some of the best vineyards in the country that are usually open throughout the week until the weekend, so you get a chance to taste the wines on site and enjoy a walk through the expansive vineyards.

8. Bird watching in the Mabira

Griffin Falls in Mabira

The Mabira forest, located in eastern Uganda, is an expansive stretch of mixed tree species that harbour different animals within the thick vegetation. The best of the sights are the various bird species that are considered indigenous to Uganda and quite rare. The forest is home to an estimated over 300 bird species such as Dusky Long Tailed Cuckoo, Grey Parrot and several others that are undocumented or not yet sighted.

9. Touch the sky at Kilimanjaro and Rwenzori

How would you write a bucket list without adding the two most climbed mountains in East Africa? Mount Rwenzori is found in western Uganda and is famous for its glaciers and several beautiful views of the wildlife parks in the areas surrounding, not forgetting the lakes. Then, Mount Kilimanjaro crowns off in Tanzania with a beautiful sky-high limit with its three top summits. The two mountains are breathtakingly beautiful!

10. Experience Mozambique’s coastline

Almost similar to Zanzibar, the long and beautiful coastline is almost beguiling to experience; you will love touring it via several dhows and seeing how expansive and lively it is. It used to be one of the main slave ports along the shores of the Indian ocean and since Mozambique was once colonised by the Portuguese, you will find several old but beautiful church structures mixed among the many mosques in the small towns along the shores.

11. Tee off at the Legends Golf Course

An ardent golfer would definitely have to experience this very famous golf course in Limpopo with the extreme 19th hole only being accessible by helicopter. Limpopo is located in South Africa.

12. Rush through Kampala to the parks

You will never know that going through a traffic jam in the city centre is such a thrilling experience not until you travel to Uganda. Take a boda-boda (motorcycle taxi) ride in the busy Kampala City centre amidst several moving cars and tour the hidden gems of the city. The boda-boda is another important form of transportation in Uganda that makes it faster and easy to reach your destination, even better when doing budget tours in the national parks. Several people seem to opt for the certified boda-boda guides.

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