Wednesday, May 18, 2022


Orphaned Virunga Gorillas Pose for Selfie with Rangers

A viral image of orphaned gorillas standing tall and posing for a selfie with the rangers has caught attention of the world. Reported in...

Wild Quests to Encounter Mountain Gorillas

The jungles of Bwindi impenetrable in southwestern Uganda are homes to the most endangered primate species - the mountain gorillas. These incredible wild animals...

Rare Black Leopard Spotted in Laikipia for First time

A black panther has been spotted in Laikipia County in Kenya. A group of researchers at San Diego Zoo Global and Loisaba Conservancy have...

Morocco – A Bald Ibis Break!

Nudging confidently into Agadir’s traffic our driver calmly joined the throng. We’d met Mohamed and Syed at the airport along with our fellow ‘adventurers’...

2017 Great Wildebeest Migration is On!

The Greatest Wildlife Show on earth is here with us. The Migration of wildebeest and zebras have now entered the Mara. Every indication shows...

Touched by a Wild Mountain Gorilla

Here is an unforgettable encounter between man and beast! A wild mountain gorilla in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park visits a safari lodge and surprisingly...

Kenya Burns Biggest Stockpile Of Ivory

Twelve ivory towers burned in Kenya on Saturday, the 30th of April, sending thick plumes of ash and smoke over Nairobi National Park as...

Alarming Poaching Threatens Entire South Sudan Wildlife

Wildlife officials have warned that South Sudan risks losing its entire wildlife population in few years if the current level of poaching is not...

Serengeti Safe Despite the Drummer of Tourists & Lions

Even when the wildebeest migration ends Serengeti offers   the most Excellent game-viewing in Africa year round giving opportunity to those who missed the migration...

German Tourist Kills 50-year-old Elephant in Zimbabwe

HARARE, Zimbabwe — After just a few months after the death of the beloved Cecil Lion, a German tourist has killed one of the...
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