Tuesday, May 17, 2022


German Tourist Kills 50-year-old Elephant in Zimbabwe

HARARE, Zimbabwe — After just a few months after the death of the beloved Cecil Lion, a German tourist has killed one of the...

Orphaned Virunga Gorillas Pose for Selfie with Rangers

A viral image of orphaned gorillas standing tall and posing for a selfie with the rangers has caught attention of the world. Reported in...

Great Wildebeest Migration & Gorilla in East Africa

Are you planning for the most amazing wildlife safari in East Africa? You can visit Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda where you will experience the...

Close Encounters of an Elephant Kind

Thanks to Joy Adamson I have been in love with Lions since I was a child.  Seeing my first Lion in Kruger National Park...

Tanzania Sacks Top Officials Over Animal Smuggling

Tanzania has sacked the most senior official responsible for managing its wildlife and two others over the illegal export of more than 100 live...

10 Fascinating Facts About Gorillas

By the DNA fact, the gorillas are one of the four species of great apes that are the closest living relatives of human beings....

Electric Fence Electrocutes Three lions near Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth Park

On April 26, the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) announced news of the electrocution of three lionesses close to Queen Elizabeth National Park. UWA said...

Up close with the gorillas of Rwanda

Rwanda now has one of the fastest growing tourism economies in the world and one of its attractions is its wildlife. The Travel Show's Lucy...

Kenya Burns Biggest Stockpile Of Ivory

Twelve ivory towers burned in Kenya on Saturday, the 30th of April, sending thick plumes of ash and smoke over Nairobi National Park as...

The 10 Amazing Natural Wonders of Africa

Africa is one of the biggest continent in the world. Recorded as the second-largest and also the second most populated continent in the world,...
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