Ghana Parliament Pass Stringent Anti-gay Law

Ghana's parliament passed legislation that intensifies a crackdown on the rights of LGBTQ people and those promoting lesbian, gay or other non-conventional sexual or...

10 African Countries with Low Electricity Supply

In many parts of Africa, a lot of people don't have electricity. This is a big problem for their daily lives and the development...

10 Essential Africa Travel Tips

Traveling to Africa is an adventure like no other, offering a tapestry of cultures, landscapes, and experiences that can enrich your soul. However, this...

Congo Brazzaville: Another Coup Attempt in Africa

A few hours ago, rumors started swirling about a potential political coup in Brazzaville, the capital of the Republic of Congo. The current president,...

Morocco Earthquake Claims Close To 3000 Lives

A catastrophic earthquake struck Morocco last Friday, leaving nearly 3,000 people dead and over 5,500 injured, as search and rescue efforts continue to brave...

Libya Death Toll Soars to Over 5,300

Eastern Libya finds itself in mourning as authorities report a catastrophic loss of life and extensive damage following unprecedented flooding that engulfed the Mediterranean...

President Rajoelina Accused of Orchestrating Institutional Coup Ahead of Malagasy Elections

The political landscape in Madagascar is in turmoil as the Malagasy opposition has vocally denounced what they term an "institutional coup d'état" orchestrated by...

Benin Removes Entry Visas for Chinese Investors and Tourists

Benin's President, Patrice Talon, announced on September 3rd that he has abolished entry visas for Chinese investors and tourists who wish to visit the...

150 Al-Shabaab Militants Eliminated in Counterterrorism Operation in Somalia

A substantial blow has been dealt to the Al-Shabaab terrorist organization, as approximately 150 of its members met their demise during a meticulously executed...

Angolan and Congolese Leaders Condemn Gabon Military Coup

The presidents of Angola and the Republic of the Congo have unequivocally denounced the recent military coup in Gabon, which led to the ousting...
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