The benefits of this tiny Silver Cyprinid Fish found in Lake Victoria will amaze you


Silver cyprinid is a tiny freshwater fish that is native to lake Victoria, which borders the countries of East Africa( Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania) and Lake Kyoga in Uganda.

It’s also found in Lake Nabugabo and the Victoria Nile Silver cyprinid is also referred to as victoria sardine. Its scientific name is rastrineobola argentea It can grow up to 9cm(3.5 inches) in length.

The silvery fish has multiple health benefits, perhaps, to compensate for its tiny size. You may be tempted to write it off in favor of its counterparts like tilapia or the Nile perch whose benefits don’t come close to those of silver sprinid. Silver Cyprinid is commonly called Omena(in Kenya), Daaga(in Tanzania) and Mukene(in Uganda), mdagara (in Rwanda)

Lake Victoria

It’s a delicacy in East Africa for valid reasons. The fish is ranked among oily fish found in cold deep waters such as mackerel and salmon in the north seas. This is because along with far much less trauma, which does well in highland cold waters, in Kenya, it offers the all-important Omega-3 and is comparatively hard to produce.

Silver cyprinid is a real God’s gift to East Africans in their tropical climate. However, deep frying which is the standard cooking method in hotels robs of this fish most of it nutrients. And the remaining nutrients are degraded. We can derive more benefits and make it mouth-watering if we

saute’ the onions in a little fat or water in a saucepan
Add tomatoes and once they’re cooked
Add well cleaned silver sprinid
Simmer. Add spices e.g garlic to improve the taste
Cook for 30 minutes

Serve with green leafy vegetables and sweet potatoes. Water down the meal with the mouth-watering soup. It’s more nutritious that way.

Some people will just clean the fish and eat it raw. This guarantees them the maximum benefits from the delicacy
The benefits of Omega 3 and 6 found in the Cyprinid Fish
Healthy skin.

For a supple, soft, moist, glowing, wrinkles free skin, look no further. Go for silver cyprinid because it is rich in Omega-3. The DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) present in Omega–3, prevents acne giving you smooth skin and boost your self-esteem
Brain Health.

Give your child a head start in life by taking silver Cyprinid. It basically helps develop your unborn childs brain while still in the womb. Omega-3 content in silver sprinid is associated with high intelligence.

The fatty acid also boosts a child’s memory which will give an edge to your child in the class. The more you take Omega–3, the higher the density of your brain grey matter which determines your mental acuity. Omega-3 will help you achieve your optimum potential. Remember, your mental (intellectual) capacity is your greatest resource ever.
Sound sleep.

Adequate sleep serves as an important foundation for optimal health. Omega–is a raw material in the synthesis of melatonin, the sleep hormone. Sleep helps in weight loss, improves memory, recharges your body and gives you ample time to repair your worn and torn tissues from your day’s work. You also grow new cells during sleep.
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The twin activities–repair and grow–slows down aging. Uncontrolled weight leads to diabetes, hypertension, and cancer which will compromise the quality of your life The sleep is especially beneficial for boosting their testosterone levels.

Their bones and muscles remain strong when their testosterone levels remain reasonably high. Most importantly, a higher libido is an important recipe for a strong man-woman relationship. There’s no part of the body that doesn’t benefit from the awesome properties of omega
Healthy Eyes.

Keep an ophthalmologist (eye specialist) away by taking silver Cyprinid. Its Omega–3, in conjunction with its vitamin A and E prevents vision impairment and blindness common in old age arising from Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD). Vitamins A and E will protect you from the condition. The more you eat silver Cyprinid, the more your eyes function improves
Strong Bones and teeth.

The small fish is swallowed whole. The bones in the fish provide the body with calcium and phosphorus, which are necessary for strong bones and teeth. 99% of the body’s calcium is found in bones and teeth.

Only 1% is found in the rest of the body. When the body’s share of calcium goes down the body draws additional calcium from the bones and teeth to make up for the deficit. Consequently, the bones develop osteoporosis, a case in which the bones become porous and therefore brittle. Weak teeth easily fall off.

Due to increased demand for calcium during pregnancy, a woman should up her intake by partaking of silver sprinid Phosphorus is also an indispensable component of a healthy brain function Calcium is also a key element for heart health. Patients with spine problems are advised to take silver sprinid for quick recovery Muscle contractions require calcium.

Contractions produce body movements. It’s also necessary for nerve impulse transmissions which enables you to move your hand away from danger,e.g. fire Calcium is also an important mineral in maintaining leukocytes’ balance inside and outside body cells.

If the balance is not maintained, the cells will not function properly. When the blood is too acidic, calcium is called upon to neutralize the blood to restore the right acid-alkaline balance.
Folic acid (folate).

Healthy development of the brain and spine in a fetus is tied to the consumption of folic acid by the mother without which a baby may develop spina bifida, a neural tube condition that affects the brain and the spine. It’s a common condition in children who have mobility issues and dies around their teenage.
Vitamin A and E.

Vitamins A and E are antioxidants. They counteract the inflammation activity of free radicals our bodies produce. Inflammation is associated with lifestyle diseases which include diabetes, hypertension, cancer, and arthritis.

These diseases impose a disease burden on the victim, close relations and the society at large which we should avoid at all costs. Vitamins A and E will safeguard you against muscular degeneration which leaves you with a weaker retina leading to blindness
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Unsaturated fat in silver cyprinid.

The fat is in liquid form regardless of room temperature. Its wonder-working property is to ferry excess fat “bad” cholesterol from the heart and blood vessels to the liver where it’s broken down, which protects cardiovascular disease.

It does not stick in the heart and blood vessels as opposed to fat in red meat which allows free flow of blood in the vessels. Say no to blood clotting and its attendant ugly consequences by eating silver cyprinid Sticking of fat in blood vessels is a recipe for hypertension. If It happens in the heart, it’s may result to heart attack and heart failure. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide
Menstruation comfort.

Silver cyprinid oil is a silver bullet for girls and young women whose comfort is compromised during their monthly “ordeal,” the oil offers the much-sought relief
Protein benefits.

Its amino acids, the raw material for protein synthesis leaves silver cyprinid standing out. Prominently. Among its numerous amino acids,8 of them are essential amino acids that will make protein.

Protein will help you repair and grow new cells in your body leaving you looking younger. It will help you develop muscle strength to enable you to push, pull and lift a weight with ease for you’re strong. For such incredible benefit, silver sprinid is your best bet
Benefits of vitamin D

This important vitamin is manufactured by the skin when it is exposed to the sun. But this capacity of the skin to produce vitamin D goes down with age. The lighter the skin is the shorter the time it requires to produce it.20 to 30 minutes is enough. Calcium needs Vitamin D to be absorbed by the bones and teeth. Vitamin D serves as an anti-inflammatory drug that gives relief to arthritis patients
Silver cyprinid unsaturated fat is an energizer

So invigorating is its fat content which is a de-stressor and antidepressant. In a word; it’s a mood booster. The fat is easily digested since it’s unsaturated, leaving you with reserve energy for all-day activities Silver cyprinid fats.

These are immune boosters. They reduce the number of times you need to be with your doctor. And you, therefore, cut on living costs. So nagging infections like flu, common cold and pneumonia are out of the question
Healthy kidneys

Silver Cyprinid is a reliable source of potassium, an important mineral for the kidney. Kidney health translates to unquantifiable benefits of a kidney optimally which include disposal of wastes in urine, balancing leukocytes, cortisol and red cells producing hormones With such incredible benefits, you can surely see why you should take omega from your nearest stokist for your health benefits and benefit your local and regional economy.

This small fish is bestowed with incredible benefits which are all yours if you incorporate it in your meal, at least 3 times a week.

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