Congo Brazzaville: Another Coup Attempt in Africa

Denis Sassou Nguesso

A few hours ago, rumors started swirling about a potential political coup in Brazzaville, the capital of the Republic of Congo. The current president, Mzee Denis Sassou Nguesso, a former military fighter and war hero, found his government in a state of panic upon hearing these rumors.

The situation unfolded while Denis Nguesso, often viewed as a war monger, was attending the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

Doubt intensified as the Information Minister, Thierry Moungalla, addressed the situation and reassured the public that the government was in control and the president had not been overpowered.

On the ‘X’ social media platform, previously known as Twitter, Moungalla posted, “The government firmly denies the spread of false information. We want to assure the public of the current calm and encourage everyone to continue with their daily activities peacefully.”

Mzee Denis Sassou Nguesso aged 79-years old holds the record as one of Africa’s longest-serving presidents, assuming power back in 1979.

Despite facing political setbacks in 1992, he regained the presidency in 1997 and has held onto power in the oil-rich African state since then, maintaining a relatively stable rule.

However, concerns have arisen regarding the delayed response on the official government page, fueling fears and doubts. Many still hold the belief that where there’s smoke, there is fire, pointing to a history of coup d’états in African states, including a recent incident in Gabon.

Despite all rumors, when the government official website issued out the full statement, all doubts were brought to an end. Series of Coup d’états have been effective in African states, the same incident have of recent happened in Gabon and other states.

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