Top 7 black girls who amazed the world with their achievements


2019 was a great year for these teenage girls and other black girls across the world but in this article, I will throw more light on 7 recognized black girls who amazed the world with their achievements

1. Essynce MoorePublicity

Essynce Moore a 15-year-old African-American author from New Jersey has had three books from her collection Middle School Chronicles selected as compulsory reading in many districts in the United States.

The books focus on teaching students about what to do about bullying, how to find their passion and pursue their dreams, how to build effective relationships with colleagues and teachers, and also inspires them to become whatever they wish to be

2. Mariah Morning

With the help of her mother, Mariah Morning, 4 years old, has already started her own business in Cleveland, Ohio, selling homemade pastries and candy called Mariah’s Munchies. Morning is already paving the way for the success of a young entrepreneur.

3. Cynthia Dankwa

Young actress Cynthia Dankwa made Ghana proud at the Africa Movie Academy Awards 2019 (AMAA 2019) by becoming the best promising young actress in Africa

4. Marsai Martin

Top 7 black girls who amazed the world with their achievementsPopular Hollywood actress Marsai Martin was on the Forbes under 30 list. Aged 15, she started playing at 10, playing Diane Johnson in Black-ish. Her action in the film put her in the spotlight because she won numerous nominations for the NAACP Image Award, the BET Awards, and the SAG Awards.

5. DJ Switch

Top 7 black girls who amazed the world with their achievements

12-year-old Ghanaian disc jockey DJ Switch was crowned “Best DJ of the Year” at the 2019 Ghana DJ Awards. She has also had the opportunity to play in major international events with world figures such as French President Emmanuel Macron and many others.

6. Divina Maloum

Top 7 black girls who amazed the world with their achievementsDivina Maloum, a 14-year-old Cameroonian girl, received the coveted International Prize for Children’s Peace. Maloum is said to have played a very important role in promoting peace in the northern part of his country, among many other amazing responsibilities.

7. Michelle Nkamankeng

Top 7 black girls who amazed the world with their achievementsThe South African, Michelle Nkamankeng, who became the youngest African author at the age of 7, now has 7 books at 11 years old and has a foundation that should offer free books to less privileged children. At the age of 7, Michelle was ranked among the 10 youngest authors in the world


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