[Quiz] Name The Africa Battle

In this quiz, we are focusing on naming some of the battles that were fought centuries back in Africa.


Welcome to the Africa BuzzFeed quiz series. The purpose is to tests your knowledge of Africa and anything relating to Africans. We put before you multiples of questions based on title or theme of quiz varying from politics, history, geography, culture, entertainment and many more. Have fun whiles answering because we will educate you as well.

In today’s quiz, we are focusing on naming some of the battles that were fought centuries back in Africa. Brace yourself, no cheating, get your thinking cap on and test your knowledge. Don’t forget to share your results with friends and family.

  1. 1 In which battle did the Ethiopians defeat the Italians in 1896?

    1. Battle of Adwa
    2. Battle of Isandlwana
  2. 2 In which battle did Major General Sir Herbert Kitchener defeat ?Abd Allah in 1898 and win Sudanese territory?

    1. Battle of Omdurman
    2. Battle of the Nile
  3. 3 In which battle did the Zulu and Boers meet in 1838?

    1. Battle of Shela
    2. Battle of Blood River
  4. 4 In which battle did the forces of Usman dan Fodio suffer a defeat in 1804 while warring against the kingdom of Gobir?

    1. Battle of Tsuntua
    2. Battle of Lagos
  5. 5 Which battles took place during the Anglo-Zulu War in 1879?

    1. Battles of Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift
    2. Battles of Welwel and Adwa
  6. 6 In which battle was the army of the Portuguese king Sebastian defeated by the forces of Sa?di sultan of Morocco, ?Abd al-Malik, in 1578?

    1. Battle of the Three Kings
    2. Battle of Casablanca
  7. 7 Which battle took place in 1899 during the South African War (1899–1902)?

    1. Battle of Modder River
    2. Battle of Blood River
  8. 8 Which battle saw forces from Portugal and the Kongo Kingdom skirmishing over competing land claims in 1665?

    1. Battle of Mbanza Kongo
    2. Battle of Mbwila
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