YouTube channels that will teach you how to cook Nigerian dishes


If you want to cook rich Nigerian meals or enrich your knowledge of Nigerian food recipes, there are plenty of YouTube video tutorials on different types of dishes you can prepare. Like anything else on the internet, they’re not all good, but the best of the genre will teach you basic cooking skills, help you expand your culinary knowledge, and be entertaining to boot.

Check out these 7 YouTube cooking channels. Whether you want a recipe to cook jollof rice, ofe nsala, amala or egusi soup and pounded yam for your entire family or just learn how to chop an onion correctly, they’ll help you out in a pinch (of salt).

1. Flo Chinyere

Her name is Flo Chinyere. Her channel was started on Feb 2, 2011, with over 277k subscribers who happily enjoy her video tutorial and other things she takes about. She is very passionate about Nigeria culture so on her channel you will find everything about Nigeria: food recipes, lots of showing off of Nigeria both the good and the bad. Enjoy!

2. Sisi Yemmie TV

This channel was started on Nov 17, 2011, by Sisi Yemmie with a basic goal teach people how to prepare Nigerian food with some touch of Lifestyle Content (Lagos Life, Mum Life, Advice, Career ) She has over 250K subscribers and very consistent with her passion.

3. Zeelicious Foods

This channel is created on Mar 23, 2016, and managed by Winifred Emmanuel.  She promises to take you on my culinary journey where you’d learn how to make mouth-watering dishes in a snap. Check out her channel.

4. NaijaFoodTube

The NaijaFoodTube is a youtube channel where you can get most Nigerian local dishes. This youtube channel was started on Aug 18, 2017, with a lot of video that gives easy tutorials on how to prepare Nigerian delicacy.

5.Fantastic Favour

Her name is Chidimma Jessica, she’s a wife and a mum of 3 beautiful and adorable kids and she basically stays at home but allows her passion to drive her.  She uses her youtube channel as a medium to show people how to cook,  hair tutorials (including kids’), cleaning, motivational talks, and more… Check her amazing delicacies

6.Chef Lola’s Kitchen

She’s a mom of 3 adorable kids. She is very passionate about cooking and uses a global approach to cooking, which helps to expand the palate. Lola, started her cooking youtube channel on Dec 15, 2014 with over 95k subscribers.

7. Cee Fade

Cee Fade started a cooking vlog journey on August 01, 2017 with over 32k subscribers. Just a regular girl who loves to cook and share her recipes.

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