Room 9: Meet Anthony Oseyemi

Anthony Oseyemi

Meet UK born and raised Anthony Oseyemi (Wild at Heart, Flood, The Bill) as Solomon Onyegu in Room 9, expert on all things voodoo…

You grew up in the UK, is that right? How did you get into acting?

A: I fell into acting, it started when was in the fourth year of secondary comprehensive, some of my classmates wrote a song for the fourth year production and it started from there. I also joined Lewisham Youth Theatre

When did you move to South Africa?

A: I moved in 2005 and I’ve been backwards and forwards ever since.

What are the main differences between living in the UK and South Africa that you have experienced?

A: The sun, it’s never too far way…

Our viewers know you as Daniel Akila in Mzansi Love, Shy in Jacob’s Cross, and will soon know you as Solomon in Room 9 – which one of these roles has been your favourite to play?

A: So far I’d have to say Shy, he’s so much fun, lovable and dangerous at the same time.

How do you find it different working in the South African TV industry to that in the UK?

A: The variation of roles I think. The SA TV industry is still in a state of development and emergence, whereas the UK industry is well established in terms of infrastructure, growth and development. It has a very specific identity.

How did you get involved in Room 9?

A: I went and met the show producers and discussed the character, they really enjoyed my input and it went on from there.

How would you describe Solomon Onyegu’s character?

A: A good man with secrets

We’ve heard that something is revealed about his past in one of the episodes… can you give us any clues?

A: No – don’t do spoilers! but let’s just say he finds himself pulled in two different directions

Do you believe in paranormal occurrences?

A: I believe that sometimes things occur that we do not fully comprehend.

Werewolves…Tokoloshes…and so much more our viewers are in for a treat. Which is your favourite case in the series?

A: My favourite case in the series is the ‘Bloodseeds’

Don’t miss Anthony Oseyemi as the paranormal investigator Solomon Onyegu in our exclusive series Room 9, Mondays at 9pm.

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