Room 9

Room 9

In a parallel world eerily familiar to our own, a war is being waged: a war between light and dark, between good and evil.  This is the New Azania – a city that could be Johannesburg or Kampala, Nairobi or Lagos – where the battle against all things paranormal is being fought by a ragtag team in the New Azanian Police Department. In a cavernous, dingy basement, this special department of detectives tackles cases that no one else can explain.

Episode 13 – Dreamcatcher

Harkness is cast into the world of dreams after a botched exorcism leaves him trapped in his own mind. Room 9 use Hypno-Travel to journey inside Harkness’s head, in a bid to save him from himself, but will they save themselves from the dark, evil forces they come up against

Episode 12 – Room 666

A young woman, who is pregnant with a demon baby, is taken hostage by a rogue Priest. Room 9 are called in and have to deal with a hostage stand-off that pits them against a special task unit. Will they save the day and exorcise the demon before it is let loose on the world?

Episode 11 – Faceless

The detectives of Room 9 are put to the ultimate test when a shape shifter infiltrates their ranks. Is their knowledge of each other strong enough to fend off this invasion?

Episode 10 – Voodoo Warehouse

A new Zulu Rock band, Voodoo Warehouse, sweep into Sector 1 and lure the town’s young people away, like the Pied Piper, to a performance to end all performances. Kat runs away with the band, in the hope of pursuing a singing career, but soon finds herself in grave danger…

Episode 9 – Mantis

There have been a spate of deaths in this trendy part of town…wealthy young men are found with their brains ripped out of their craniums in a Formulae One-esque Hotel Room. The perpetrator is thought to be female, but her strength seems greater than that of an average man. Is this a serial killer, or an interplanetary Alien Mantis in disguise?

Episode 8 – Zombie Cops

Room 9 are called in after a serial case of bank robberies. Dubbed by the mainstream media as Zania Zombies, eye-witness reports say there are three culprits, and their leader is a Witch wielding dark magic, who controls her team of Zombies to execute slick bank heists.

Episode 7 – In the Shadow of the iZulu

The lost, the forgotten and forsaken take refuge in Aurum Hotel, a rundown apartment block slum in the heart of Sector 1 (New Azania’s equivalent to Hillbrow). If the residents cannot deliver enough stolen goods, a bloody death awaits them.

Episode 6 – Blood Seeds

In a hospital maternity ward, pregnant women are being kidnapped. Following a mysterious series of ritual sacrifices, their attackers become immortal. The Room 9 detectives are sent in to investigate, but their misunderstanding of these rituals puts them in grave danger…

Episode 5 – Ogun, God of Iron

When an ancient Yoruba Orisha Mask made in the image of Ogun is confiscated by Border Patrol and sent to Room 9 for investigation, Solomon is forced to confront his chequered past. Can he protect those most in danger from the Mask’s powers?

Episode 4 – The Mermaid

Terror strikes a local community when the legend of the African Mermaid rears its ugly head and the drowned bodies of young boys are found in a swimming pool. Is the mermaid luring her victims into the water with an eerie lullaby of doom? Room 9 investigates, but will they be able to overcome her Siren-like seduction…?

Episode 3 – Chasing Dreams

The severed body parts of a young girl are uncovered in a desolate village on the outskirts of New Azania. This devoutly Christian town is devastated, and the Room 9 detectives are called in to investigate. Could this be a Muti murder…?

Episode 2 – The Werewolf of Zamampilo

Residents in Zamampilo are living in fear… as soon as the sun goes down; a werewolf is on the prowl. The screams of the victims and the snarl of the perpetrator fill the night, and sure enough, the mangled body of yet another victim is found at dawn. Can the Room 9 detectives get to the bottom of this?

Welcome to the Edge of the World…

The ambitious young police officer Alice Kunene arrives in Room 9, and is immediately thrown into the deep end with the case of a mystery death of a domestic worker, whose killer is suspected to be the Tokoloshe. Dubious about the methods of her fellow ‘Zombie Cops’, the level-headed Kunene tries to direct the investigation away from the supernatural and towards the rational. But gradually it dawns on her, that a leap of faith is needed to get to the bottom of Room 9’s special cases – everything bizarre, past, present, unsolved and unwanted.

The ageing, grizzled head of the department is Detective ‘Darkness’ Harkness. Werewolf and Tokoloshe attacks, satanic cults and muti murders, occurrences of poltergeists, zombies, aliens and vampires – you name it, he’s seen them all. Ruby Prins is the departmental researcher who, blessed with the power of foresight, serves Room 9 as a walking encyclopaedia on all things occult. Paranormal forensic investigator Solomon Onyegu tracks clues, collects evidence, and maps out the Devil’s playground in New Azania.


Welcome to the edge of the world: home of the supernatural, the sacrilegious, the twisted, and the unexplainable…

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