Platnumz; the Diamond of African Music

Diamond Platinumz

Long vanished are the days when writing about African musicians was all about unenthusiastic annotations and cynicism. We have since ushered in an era where we are proud of our musicians, nay, where our musicians do us proud.

One such artist is Diamond Platnumz. I once wrote here that he was destined to musically conquer Africa and I guess the brother held my prophecy by the throat and is seriously fulfilling every bit of it.
From his Nana video going viral to his award winning binge, Platnumz has proved beyond all doubt reasonable, that he is the Diamond of African music.

I could not hold my excitement back when Diamond was announced the winner of the East Africa Super Hit at the Prestigious HiPipo Music Awards. Not forgetting his recent Best Live award win at the Mtv Africa Music Video awards. It was so much in keeping with the force that this sensational artist has become.

His performance at the same awards event also proved that there was more to Platnumz than just his splendid vocals and scrumptious videos. He has also got the aptitude to put the stage fire with his energy and taste for choreography.

Platnumz has steadily become a household name in Africa and beyond and the reception he received during his performance at the Mtv Music Video awards is clear attestation to that. The brother doesn’t take things for granted. He knows that he has an amazing voice, but he also knows that there’s more to music than just a voice.

Explains why he pays critical attention to every detail of his videos and live performances, right from costumes to choreography. Platnumz is undoubtedly a jewel, one that Africa must be proud to export to the world.

His presence and use of social media as well as an organised team are some of the other factors giving Platnumz a well deserved edge. Wherever he goes, he is received just like he is back home in Tanzania. His performance at MAMA after party in Nairobi is clear substantiation to that.

Diamond Platnumz embodies the generation of African artists that do us proud; one from whom others can pick a leaf.

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