Wednesday, May 18, 2022


China Loves Africa

A Kenyan Painter’s Art Questions China’s Deepening Reach in Africa

A Kenyan painter’s art questions China’s deepening reach in Africa The officials in suits arrived uninvited at Michael Soi’s studio located in the fringes of...

Hake Salad, Lamb Cutlets with Wedges & Mango Fruit Salad

Model and Jacob’s Cross star Kendra Etufunwa graces Siba’s kitchen this evening. Intrigued by what a girl in possession of the Longest Legs in...

Sweet and Sour Chicken

Main: Sweet & sour chicken (Recipe from You will need:  500g skinned and deboned chicken 4 tablespoons apricot jam 1 tablespoon sugar 1 tablespoon...

UN Committee on Safeguarding Ethiopia Intangible Cultural Heritage Opens Session

More than 300 artists and performers showcased the wealth of Ethiopia’s intangible cultural heritage in Addis Ababa on Sunday ahead of today’s opening of...

Chocolate Cups with Berry Cheesecake Filling

Dessert: Chocolate cups with berry cheese cake filling You will need: Chocolate cups Ginger flavoured dark chocolate Silicone muffin cups or hard muffin cups Filling 1 packet of pineapple...

Cooking with Siba: Episode 13

Baked Oriental Samosas, Apple Crumble Described as ‘the girl from the township who is conquering the world’ with her music – Nomfusi admits that she...

Cooking with Siba: Episode 12

Flamboyant television presenter and model, Bridget Masinga, loves eating out and has high standards for her palate. Can Siba’s Prawn starter followed by Mushroom Risotto...

Cooking with Siba: Episode 11

Preparation time: 5 min Cooking time: NONE Serves: 6 or more You will need 250 g (1 packet) Marie biscuits 125 ml (½  cup) desiccated coconut 30 ml (2 tbsp)...

Cooking with Siba: Episode 10

Salmon and Sour Cream Puffs Cottage Pie Quick & Fragrant Rice Pudding The beautiful television presenter Doris Msibi chats about cooking for her family and...

Cooking with Siba – Episode 9

This week Siba shows Gift how to perfect a good ‘Spag Bol’ old school style, ending off with divine, sticky and hearty Chocolate Brownies. Idols...
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