Wednesday, May 18, 2022


A Snapshot of the NBO Film Festival 2019

The NBO Film Festival 2019, the third edition, ran in venues around Nairobi, Kenya from June 6-16, 2019. The NBO Film Festival first showed up...

African Movie Academy Awards 2019 nominees Announced

The African Movie Academy Awards 2019 nominees were announced on September 18, 2019. The Africa Movie Academy Awards, popularly known as AMAA and The AMA...

Sex, Okra & Salted Butter

A small man, dwarfed by his large overcoat, stares avidly at the TV screen in a smoky bar, with what he hopes is the...

“Rafiki” is second Kenyan film at Cannes Film Festival 2018

Wanuri Kahiu’s latest movie Rafiki is set to make its worldwide premier at the Cannes Film Festival 2018. It will be the second film...

Keeping Up With The Joneses

We are very excited to bring you the first ever sitcom from Barbados broadcast on UK Television. This great sitcom series stars the Joneses, a...

Kenya Film Commission Makes Callout for Kalasha Awards 2019 Entries

Kenya Film Commission has made a callout for entries for the Kalasha Awards 2019. The Kalasha Awards is an annual accolade presented by Kenya Film...

Word, Sound, Power at Utopia

A unique collaborative event, featuring poets and artists Inua Ellams, Lemn Sissay, Pauline Black, Bewketu Seyoum TJ Dema, Pedro Perez and Agnes Agboton, reading...

Africa Picture House

Our film selection offers something for everyone.  Alongside the best of Nollywood, and Hollywood, our prestigious film strand Africa Picture House showcases award-winning African...

Africa’s Entries to the US Academy Awards 2020

These are the entries for the Academy Awards in 2020 made by different African countries. The list of Best International Film submitted for the Academy...

Umkhungo: The Gift Short Film

The Africa Channel UK, Sky 268, would like to congratulate the winner of the 2011 Africa in Motion Short Film Award, Umkhungo, written and...
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