Meet Bayo: The Nigerian Patriach


Wale Ojo plays the hilarious father figure and head of the family in our new weekly show Meet the Adebanjos. Always looking for a new scheme to make money, Bayo is a loving father who has only the best intentions for his family.

The character is played by actor  who has many theatre, television and film credits under his belt.

His films include The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency with Gill Scott and Johnny English 2 alondsige Rowan Atkinson.

His roles as a warrior in Miha Knific’s Cloud Catcher, a Nigerian gangster in Rage and a cab driver in Cab Hustle have proved he is a versatile actor with plenty more projects in the pipeline.

Ojo has also embarked on a solo venture bringing Nigerian cinema to an international audience.

Watch Wale Ojo in Meet the Adebanjos Saturdays at 6pm

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