Africa Untold: Return To Somalia


Two stories of rediscovery for three young people personally invested in Somalia’s recovery from 21 years of civil war. In these two documentaries, we follow Adam, Abdi and Aliya on an intrepid journey back to their homeland.

Return to Somalia – Adam & Abdi’s Story, 9pm

Two young, energetic men from North West London return to Mogadishu with the aim of setting up an NGO to help eradicate inter-tribal discrimination in Somalia and across the world.  We follow them on this bold mission, as they overcome multiple challenges to eventually stage an anti-tribal discrimination rally in the capital attended by the then Prime Minister of Somalia. Encountering a difficult security situation, high costs and frustrating bureaucracy, Adam and Abdi are determined to remain optimistic and use their entrepreneurial spirit to succeed.

Return to Somalia – Aliya’s Story, 9.30pm

From the US, we follow Aliya, a young American hip-hop music manager who leaves behind a life of fun and frivolity in Washington DC to embrace her new identity as a Somali woman in a mostly conservative society.  What starts out as a personal adventure to rediscover her family’s roots, turns into a story of Aliya battling to establish a school for Somali children.

In a city that was not so long ago controlled by the al-Qaeda linked Islamist group, Al-Shabaab, these ambitious returnees are determined to make Mogadishu home once more.  Their uplifting stories portray the new found opportunities and optimism that are attracting thousands of other Somalis to return home.

Find out more about Adam & Abdi’s Organization – Anti-Tribalism Movement

For a background on Somalia, see our documentary Transition to Transformation.

SOURCEAfrica Untold: Return to Somalia
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