Tips to help your relationship during this coronavirus lockdown


We all cannot deny the immense stress that the coronavirus is putting on our lives and most relationships somehow will obviously be affected.

We’re forced to spend time together with our partners than ever before because it is not advisable to leave the house at this critical time. We’re depending on a partner for practically all of our social backing because we can’t see our friends or relatives.


The current situation now is making us balance new tasks like working from home, child care or housekeeping. It’s undoubtedly plenty of change all of a sudden. At the same time, some people feel guilty acknowledging their relationship miseries because it looks as if there are much bigger issues to worry about.

It’s acceptable to admit the ways your relationship is being affected by the coronavirus predicament. Attempt the subsequent pointers for supporting your relationship during these dangerous times.

First, take care of yourself.

Nurturing your relationship has to begin with nurturing yourself. It’s just not the best to expect your partner to be your only source of stress relief. Here are variety of my favorite kinds of self-care:

Permit yourself to feel your feelings. Whatever we resist persists. Once we give ourselves the approval to feel the entire range of our emotions and confirm that what we’re feeling is wise, emotions dissipate much faster.

Meditate. This is often one of absolutely the simplest belongings you’ll do for your mental state.

Exercise your body. The endorphin rush you get from exercise is often irreplaceable for managing stress, improving your mood and even boosting your immunity. It’s even better if you’ll safely go outside while you exercise.

Seek additional sources of connection. Reach out to friends and relatives, without your partner by your side.

Make a thought

Sit down alongside your partner to deliberate everything that’s on your plate, and make a thought for how you’re going to tackle it as a team. Produce a shared calendar with all of your duties and responsibilities, and create specific times for when you’re going to get them done.

I suggest having a fast weekly meeting every Sunday to anticipate the week ahead— schedule and map out as much as you can. I also commend a quick meeting at the highest of each day to debate the plan for a subsequent day. There are numerous things that we can’t control now, but it can feel soothing to possess a thought for the things that are in our control.

Check-in with each other daily. Planning for the subsequent day is one thing, but it is also imperative to remember that your partner simply isn’t a robot and perhaps feeling the same range of emotions that you are. It can be useful to stop and ask each other questions like:

  • “What was your day like today?”
  • “What sorts of feelings are arising for you right now?”
  • “Are there any ways I can support you or be a much better partner to you?”

Be intentional about time spent together.

You’re possibly spending longer time together than ever before. No matter how much you love your partner, this may quickly cause tension and frustration.

Set some healthy boundaries. Be intentional about time spent together

If you’re both working from home, set up separate workspaces. If you’ll close a door between both of you, that’s perfect. Try to give each other space during the day. If possible, limit your verbal communication and try texting in its place.

It’s usual to wish alone time. Be innovative about how you’ll find that time. For instance, perhaps you’ll trade off taking the morning shift with the kids so you give each other the prospect to lie in bed alone for a few of precious moments.

Be creative with date nights. Sticking to (or starting) a date night tradition can bring some much-needed joy and anticipation into your relationship. Try visiting a museum online, reading a book to each other or cooking a sumptuous meal together.

Show appreciation and gratitude

These next few weeks and months has become a challenge for everyone. Do your best and thank each other for being willing to make an effort.

Say to your partner: “I see all the work you’ve been doing. Thank you.” As challenging as everything is currently, there’s also tons to show gratitude for. Plan to share a few of things you’re grateful for every few days. The more grateful you are, the more often you’ll find yourself noticing little moments to appreciate which we could all use more of those now.

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