These 6 simple tips can keep burglars out of your home


A burglary in the house is everyone’s biggest nightmare. Returning to an empty house after your work or vacation makes you worry and feel unsafe. Most burglaries occur during the holidays or hours of work mostly days when we are often away from home. Fortunately, there are a number of tricks to make your house less attractive for a burglar. I’ll explain it to you. This way you leave everything behind safely.
1. Give the impression someone’s home

We cannot say it often enough: burglars pay attention to the smallest details. Are you going out for a longer period of time? Do not tidy up perfectly. Place some dirty coffee cups on the table or leave on a small light. This makes things seem more ‘alive’ and burglars will not dare be as quick to take a chance on your not being home.
2. Fencing

A fence around the entire house is the dream of every burglar. An obstructed view means they can put things outside quietly, and then easily transport them to their vehicle. When the house is not clearly visible, it is very easy for the burglar to get away with the crime. Make your house look more open, and place a number of automatic outdoor lamps to put the burglar in the spotlight.
3. Locks

Choose good locks so that the burglar can quickly see how difficult it will be to open the lock. By choosing a lock at the top and bottom, the burglar will end up taking more time to pick it, which means that he might end up searching for another house. Also think of the locks on the back of the house, too. The back is just as important as the front!
4. Neighbors

The statement “better a good neighbor than a distant friend” doesn’t just come out of the blue. Are you going on vacation for a long time? Then inform your neighbors and make arrangements with them to watch your house and keep things tidy. This will make your house appear less uninhabited.
5. Timers

Choose lighting with time switches, and install them in different places in the house. This way, rooms can be alternately illuminated and give burglars the impression that someone is at home.
6. Social media

“We are on holiday until July 1,” is a note that we are able to stick to the office door with confidence. But we know better than to leave these kinds of notes on our door at home. Yet we make the mistake of posting all sorts of fun holiday snapshots on social media. These are nice, but burglars can see this, too. Also, think of what you might say in an automatic e-mail response while you’re out of the office. Saying that you’re out of the office “enjoying the sun for 3 weeks” can also cause problems

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