How to send money to Ghana from abroad


If you are thinking of how to send money to a friend, family or a loved one in Ghana for that project he or she discussed with you or perhaps you want to help out with a subject or start a business, don’t let it bother you anymore.

Now, sending money from the US and UK to Ghana has been made a lot easier than it used to be. With the services of any of these companies listed below, your money can reach the receiver in minutes plus you don’t have to deal with complicated and expensive processes.

Send money to Ghana using Bank Transfers

This is one of the traditional but relaible way of sending money to Ghana. Most major banks in the US, UK and other parts of the world allow you to transfer money to 100s of internationally recognized banks in Ghana, like ECOBANK, UBA, FIDELITY, GCB, and many others. The process usually takes some number of days plus there are extra charges tailored to the transfer.

Normally banks in abroad requires receiver’s bank SWIFT code, beneficiary name, bank name, Account Number and some other important information so the money will arrive at the appropriate destination. This is normally recommended for a lump sum of money.

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Send money to Ghana with WorldRemit

With WorldRemit you can send money to 140+ countries counting from bank deposit, instant e-wallet, mobile top-up or cash pickup at 30,000+ agent locations worldwide.

They offer a no minimum transfer amount. Low upfront fees and exchange rates. Easy to use with round-the-clock support team ready to assist in case you are confronted with any difficulties. Get cash to family and friends in minutes.

Send Money to Ghana with Western Union

WESTERN UNION is one of the fastest, reliable, secure and convenient ways of sending money from the US, UK or any other part of the world where they allow sending money to a beneficiary in Ghana.

Money sent is subject to Ghana’s international exchange control regulations. It offers one of the easiest ways by which family and friends can send money and stay connected to their loved ones from almost any location in the world.

Send Money to Ghana with MoneyGram

MoneyGram is another wonderful option apart from Western Union. Their services are almost like. Guaranteeing you fast, convenient and reliable method of sending money to Ghana from abroad. They also operate in other African countries Nigeria, South Africa and more.

Send Money to Ghana with XendPay

Xendpay is an England company that makes sending Ghanaian Cedi payments easy and cost-effective. They have competitive rates and low fees.

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According to them, they have created relationships with leading banks across Ghana to make it simple for you to send money to a bank you’re familiar with. You can send money to all major banks across Ghana including Ecobank, NIB, GCB, Fidelity Bank, adb, Barclays etc. and payments arrive in as little as 1-3 working days.

Send Money to Ghana with TransferWise

They offer very low-cost, fast and secure online money transfers from the United Kingdom to Ghana as compared to other services. With them, you can send GHS to individual and business bank accounts in Ghana, and to mobile money accounts.

Send Money to Ghana with Xoom

Xoom is a member of the PayPal family, the global leader in digital payments. They offer you fast, easy, and secure ways to send money, reload phones and pay bills for family and friends around the world.  Aside from Ghana they have quite some number of countries on their list.

We hope this information served it’s purpose. We will keep updating it as we find anymore credible, low rate and reliable means of sending more to Ghana.

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