What to learn in 10 minutes that will be useful for the rest of your life


Everything in today’s world is fast. We want to move fast, eat fast, work fast, browse fast, fast internet, get rich fast. It’s funny but that’s true. You see, all these things take so much time away from us that we have little time for ourselves.

However, some people may still have enough time to do their hobby and what they have passion for, not many of us realize how many useful things we can learn in our free time. Here are a few lists of some important things to learn that will help you.


Learn to honor your father and mother because one day, you will be in their position and the seed you planted will be harvested.

Whenever you are angry don’t say a word, just excuse yourself because you might say something you will end up regretting.

Don’t make decisions when you are angry, allow yourself to calm down so you can think rationally.

Don’t let your friends choose you, choose the friends you know will help you with your goal.

Don’t be force yourself to make promises when you are very happy and excited, you can end up making a promise you can’t keep or regret to honor.

If you are in a relationship whether marriage or dating, don’t allow yourself or partner to watch X videos, it increases the chances of separation between both of you.

Don’t be in the council of people that don’t want to do anything good with their lives but rather plotting wrong things people.


There are 3 things to keep secret in your life.

  1. Your relationship,
  2. Your Salary
  3. And your next move

Learn not to talk a lot because you might end up spilling secrets that no one should know.

Wear your bag in front of you, not only to check for thieves but for the comfort of other passengers when you’re on a commercial bus.

Run zig zag when chased by a crocodile. It probably won’t happen, but running zig-zag will save your life. Alligators and crocodiles have a hard time changing direction while sprinting.

Keep your sandal/shoes separately away from its pair outside because no one wants to steal one sandal/shoes.

To get rid of a sneeze, just press the area between your nose and upper lip with your finger.

Cover your face with your elbow instead of your palms while sneezing to avoid spreading germs.

Listen to an old song you like before and after studying. You will remember what you studied better.

Whenever you’re in Church, events, lectures or anything life-changing gathering, learn not to talk to anyone in the process, because you might end up missing an important word that can change your life from the speaker.

Toss a few ice cubes in the dryer with your clothes to get rid of wrinkles.

Always remember to delete your browser history whenever you use a public or friend’s computer, it prevents people from snooping into your affairs.

Don’t click on any link you receive in your mail if you can’t verify the sender or not expecting such a message to prevent virus or keylogging software that can record the links your visit and your login credentials from your desktop. It can be used to access your accounts even bank accounts.

If you eat too heavy meals during the day, your body will find it more difficult to digest them. It’s good to have light snacks and light meals during the day. And if you’re hungry before going to sleep, don’t overeat.

Yoga or stretching exercise is good as they help you to get rid of the pressure in your body.

There are many things that can help you eliminate negative thoughts. You can try thinking about nice places or things, or start writing a journal.

  • Pull the pin in the handle. This will also break the tamper seal.
  • Aim the nozzle (or its hose) at the base of the fire. (Don’t touch the plastic discharge hose on CO2 extinguishers, it gets very cold and may damage the skin)
  • Squeeze the lever (operating handle) slowly. This discharges the extinguishing agent.
  • Sweep from side to side till you completely extinguish the fire. If the fire re-ignites repeat step 2 to 4.

Additionally, it’s good to remember a few safety precautions. Before you start extinguishing the fire, activate the fire alarm system. Don’t try to extinguish a fire if it poses a threat you or any other person’s life. Make sure the extinguisher is in good condition. Face the fire in the direction of the wind, never against it! And remember, always be careful.

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