Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Press Releases

Africa Travel Association Postpones Annual World Tourism Conference

Africa Travel Association (ATA) postponed the 41st Annual World Tourism Conference to the first half of the year in 2017. Stephen Hayes, President and CEO...

The Story Behind Black Star News: A Ugandan Diaspora Founded Weekly

You may have heard of Black Star News, a New York-based and Ugandan-founded investigative newspaper, whose critical coverage of Uganda news and metropolitan New...

Adventures Unlimited Offers Exclusive Gorilla Safaris in Africa

A gorilla safari trek is one of the most memorable wildlife encounters given the fact the mountain gorillas are among the most endangered species...

In Ethiopia: more than 4,000 prisoners to be released for fear...

The Ethiopian government announced on Wednesday (25th March 2020) an amnesty and the forthcoming release of more than 4,000 prisoners, to make room in...

Rwanda gives free food and electricity to citizens during coronavirus lockdown

Rwanda has started sharing food for free. The country also makes free the distribution of electricity to all its citizens while waiting to eradicate...
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