Jacob’s Cross


An illegitimate son inherits his father’s dream and a family he may never belong to…

The new alliance between Bola and Adana is fueled by revenge and greed.  Bola blackmails Folake with her husband’s life in return for the huge Soludo fortune which Shy has stashed away.  The Abayomi clan is dealt a devastating blow when a major oil spill occurs on their new offshore oil field and against all expectations, their relief comes from a proposal by Bola. But Jacob (played by Hlomla Dandala) and Folake (played by Moky Makura) have to face the authorities and world press, and fight to save the reputation of their family and the empire left to them by their father.

One man’s dream to build an African Empire is filled with dramatic twists and turns. Idealists dreaming to break free from their colonial and apartheid legacy collide with the lure of money, power, corruption and beautiful women.  That is the explosive cocktail that makes Jacob’s Cross a successful series.

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