4Play: Sex Tips for Girls

4Play Sex Tips Show

4Play: Sex Tips for Girls – Brand new season 3
Mondays at 10pm


Season 3 of 4Play is fresher, funkier and funnier, and brings you a whole host of exciting new storylines.

The season kicks off with a girl’s night out where Amira, Danny, Nox and Noma get a chance to let their hair down and catch up on all the gossip. As Amira heads for superstardom, she lets her personal life suffer, and tensions start to bubble up within the group. Meanwhile, Nox’s children are starting to grow up and give her grief – how will she cope with the burden of their troubles as well as her own?

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Danny’s love live continues in a whirlwind of chance-encounters, intriguing affairs and uncertain futures, whilst Noma suddenly feels the pressure of commitment upon her.

Xolile Tshabalala joins the cast as Noma, and brings a refreshing style to the role. The former star of South African soap Generations delivers some excellent punchlines as Noma, and brings a new dynamic to the group whilst staying true to the spirit of the character.

Follow these young, strong women as they balance the public and the personal, the romantic and the professional sides of their lives – stories any women can relate to!

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