In South Africa; 2 South Africans tested positive have been charged with attempted murder

Two people with the new coronavirus have been charged with attempted murder in South Africa.


Two people with the new coronavirus have been charged with attempted murder in South Africa for failing to meet their two-week quarantine, Police Minister Bekhi Cele announced on Wednesday.

The Covid-19 epidemic is spreading very quickly in South Africa, the country on the African continent most affected. The Minister of Health on Wednesday identified 709 confirmed cases, against 554 twenty-four hours earlier.

In northern KwaZulu-Natal province, “two people have been charged with attempted murder for moving after being told not to do so,” Cele said at a press conference.

A 52-year-old man, who recently returned from abroad and tested positive for Covid-19, “continued to work in his hair salon,” said police spokesman Vish Naidoo.A list of 27 people with whom he has been in contact, in the living room and during a wedding, is being established so that they can be tested.

In the second case, a tourist, who tested positive while on vacation in Kruger National Park (northeast), ignored orders to stay at his hotel and went to Saint Lucia (northeast). ) “Where he apparently interacted with an unknown number of people,” said Vish Naidoo.

“It’s not a joke”

The two suspects are currently being treated in hospital. “It is not a joke when we say that the law will be very harsh,” said the Minister of Police.

President Cyril Ramaphosa on Monday ordered three-week confinement over the whole of South Africa, which is due to start on Friday.

“There should be no travel,” except to buy food, go to the pharmacy or a medical appointment, insisted Bekhi Cele. Violators will face a six-month prison sentence and a fine, or both, he said.

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