How to Rent A Car in Rwanda

Car Rentals in Rwanda

Renting a car in Rwanda is undoubtedly the best way to explore and experience this beautiful country. Planning for a Rwanda safari soon but not sure of how to hire a car in Rwanda? It is no secrete that everyone dreams to have that one exceptional rental with the best offers, affordable prices and favorable terms and conditions.

But you can benefit from all these if you choose the best rental agency to deal with, conduct adequate research on the best rental deals among other factors. Well, in this article, we provide relevant information on how to hire a car in Rwanda. There are many ways one can rent a car in Rwanda for their Rwanda safaris and they include;

Contact the rental company directly

This is the most preferred criterion by majority of travelers on Rwanda safaris. Majority of rental companies have active websites for clients to get in touch with them. On the other hand, friends can recommend and you will be provided with contacts of rental agency/company he or she wishes to deal with.


Majority of rental companies-car rental Rwanda inclusive has websites with company email addresses. The rentee can easily get in touch with reservation team to book his or her dream rental car for Rwanda safaris. This is preferable for travelers who are far or outside Rwanda.


Some travelers on Rwanda tour prefer walking directly to rental company offices rather than making calls, sending emails or other ways to have their car booked. This is actually one of the best ways because it allows you even to see the exact rental if available in the company’s premises.

Social media

Rental cars can also be hired via social media. Most rental companies have active social media pages and the renter can contact them via Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter accounts and others.

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