5 Reasons To Trek Gorillas in Rwanda

Virtual Gorilla Tours in Rwanda

Gorilla tourism is ranked number one activity in Rwanda. As far as tourism is concerned many Rwanda travelers/ guests visit Rwanda purposely to see mountain gorillas. Other activities are regarded as additional. For more information, gorilla trekking earns Rwanda huge revenue per annum. The most expensive activity which goes to US$1500, is the face of Rwanda Tourism.

Rwanda Gorilla Tourism is conducted in Volcanoes National Park which is situated in Virunga crescent with Mgahinga National park (Uganda) and Virunga National park (Democratic Republic of Congo). It’s a daily activity and a maximum of eight people are allowed to encounter each gorilla family.

Below are the 5 strong reasons why you should go on a gorilla safari in Rwanda should be a must:

  1. Easy accessibility – It takes a maximum of 2 hours to reach Volcanoes National Park from Kigali city/ Kigali International Airport. Clear roads to the park smoothen road transportation hence saving time. For that case, guests can even go for a one-day Gorilla trip in Rwanda. Pick from Kigali city- transfer to the park – trek Gorillas – return to Kigali Airport – Departure.
  2. Rwanda hosts Ten Habituated Gorilla families – Today, ten habituated mountain Gorilla families are recorded in Volcanoes national park. They include Susa family (Susa A) Susa group- is the biggest Mountain Gorilla family in Volcanoes National Park, Sabyinyo Family. This family currently has 13 members and 2 Silverbacks, Amahoro family, Agashya Family, Umubano (‘Live Together’) Family, Kwitonda family, Hirwa family, Karisimbi family, Bwenge group, and Titus Gorilla family. Imagine! The park is capable of hosting eighty trekkers per day since a maximum of eight people are allowed to meet each Gorilla family.
  3. The beautiful Relief of Rwanda – Rwanda is nicknamed “the land of a thousand Hills” because of its mountainous nature. The largest land surface is mountainous, while the road to Volcanoes National Park is rolling through mountains, the Virunga volcanoes (Mt. Bisoke, Mt. Gahinga, Mt. Muhabura, Mt. Sabyinyo, and Mt. Karisimbi) in the park are amazingly offering unforgettable views and photography.  A serry of Virunga Volcanoes attracts more visitors to go gorilla trekking in Rwanda.
  4. Rwanda is peaceful – Since 1994, Rwanda has never engaged in any war-making it peaceful for tourism to flourish. Day and night security patrolling is the order of the day and all border posts are tightly guarded. Volcanoes National Park its self is highly guarded by tourism police and Rwanda Defense Force (RDF) to ensure that guests come and go back in peace.
  5. The hospitality of the citizens – people in Rwanda are friendly and welcome guests. It should be noted tourists spend most of their time in the local community, chatting and sharing. If the locals turn hostile, tourists can not enjoy the destinations. Among areas with hospitable people is Musanze province where Volcanoes National park is located.

In conclusion, Rwanda has a comparative advantage as far as gorilla trekking is concerned. It has the most expensive Gorilla permit at US$1500 but still receives a large number of mountain gorilla trekkers.

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