Christmas Excitement and January Regrets

Christmas Spending

As the Christmas season approaches, there is a tendency to get overly carried away in a general sense of it. Everything we do even whilst planning for what to do during the holidays, there’s a sense of excitement which always comes back to haunt us after the holiday season.

We always have so much to do and so many temptations around town — from every shopping structure you see to skipping gym and rushing off somewhere without thinking it through.

The first thing you need to think a lot more about during the Christmas holidays is how much you should allow yourself to spend through the season. Since this is one of the biggest challenges for everyone, we usually give the excuse of “It’s Christmas, splurge a little!”

Most people have a habit of not being able to control what they spend on and this leads to a January filled with “What ifs and I should not have”, yet there’s nothing you can do after it’s all said and done because you will not be able to get back the money you spent unless it was on assets that are accruing interests every month.

Some of the simplest ways to tighten the purse strings during the Christmas season are:
Make sure you do not carry a lot of money on you, especially when you are passing through malls and markets.

Make a budget 

  • Make a list of the Christmas gifts you will be shopping for.
    Decide which among the things you are buying are necessary.
    Lookout for good deals that appeal for everything you have on the list.
    Do not go above what you can afford to spend on.

Travel plans
The fear of missing out on some of the best travel plans with your friends and family can sometimes make you overbook yourself and get caught up in the seasonal confusion. You want to be involved in everything your friends come up with at the same time you have family obligations that lead up to some parties being disappointed and that never ends well.

Plan everything ahead of time especially when it involves travels. Christmas being a season to be with family it is usually automatic for your family to expect you to be with them during the two days to celebrate together; whenever you have other plans make sure you set them up for the days after Christmas.

Binge eating
The season to be jolly and celebrate comes with a lot of good food and not necessarily unhealthy food but you will find yourself constantly snacking and eating your way through the happy season.
So how does one stay healthy and not gain a lot of weight during the holidays?

  • Maintain your workout plan throughout the holidays.
    Drink plenty of water before the meals.
    Avoid snacking and if you can’t, pick up something you are sure will not awaken the hunger instead.
    Keep busy; it helps to not be idle most of the times.
    Mind your portions; the food might be delicious but you don’t have to chomp it all down in one go.

When it comes to this season of the year, it is all about celebrating and relaxing away from how the year has been or your usual anxiety inducing activities. Take this time to be with those you love, share with those who don’t have enough to enjoy the season and make sure to create beautiful memories.

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