4 Keys on how to overcome Jealousy in a relationship


Jealousy in a relationship is a feeling that almost every one of us has experienced at some point in our lives. It is a real poison for relationships and harmony of the couple more precisely. In this article, I share with you, 4 keys to overcoming jealousy in love.

1: Know yourself

Being jealous is quite natural because when you love, you develop jealousy towards your loved one. However, jealousy becomes a problem when it is excessive. So you have to know what makes you suffer. When you know the behaviors that don’t suit you, you can better anticipate your reactions.

2: Trust your partner

Trust is the key to harmony in any relationship. If you want to heal from jealousy, you have to let go and trust your partner. Agree not to dig into his phone when he or she is not there for example.

3: Have self-confidence

You need to know how often you are handsome or beautiful. On top of that, trust your abilities. If this man or woman chose you, it is because he or she wanted to be with you. So stop being afraid, feeling threatened and enjoy your relationship. In addition, sometimes you can admire this aspect of a person’s life, without placing it above you.

4: Healing wounds from the past

One experiences jealousy because one often feels threatened. And this state of insecurity is often due to the fact that in the past, you have been deceived or that you have been lowered and therefore you always feel in a position of inferiority. You should know that your past experiences should not condition your future development.

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