21 Ways to help your kid’s overcome darkness fright

Most children are terribly frightened in the dark or any presence of darkness, here is how to help your kid’s overcome darkness fright


Constantly seeing children express fear in the dark can be very frustrating, scary and uncomfortable especially when you don’t know how best to help them overcome it.

If all you’ve got in your bag of tricks is a nightlight and denying the existence of the Boogeyman, you’ve come to the right place. Below are 21 ways to help your your kid’s overcome darkness fright.

  1. Demonstrate to children how shadows are made before night hours. Prove to them that shadows aren’t scary by dancing outside or make hand puppets to show .
  2. Let children know the room is safe by checking the closet, under the bed, and all the corners together.
  3. Sing a joyous song together in the dark before bed to bring up the mood in the room.
  4. Protein snacks are mostly ideal before bedtime. Make sure to avoid sugar and processed foods.
  5. Aid children defeat daytime fears by building children’s self-confidence during the day.
  6. Don’t exploit children’s fear of the Boogeyman to correct them into acceptable behavior.
  7. Do fun activities in the dark together so the child learns to associate the dark with positive experiences.
  8. Remain calm when the child is afraid. Avoid expressing impatience. You being frustrated will only worsen the case.
  9. You can allow the family pet to sleep with the child or provide the child a large stuffed animal. The child wouldn’t feel lonely if they have “someone” with them.
  10. Play sweet, happy music quietly in the background as the child goes to bed.
  11. Keep children away from television and active games for some hours before bed.
  12. Assist the child to memorize Bible verses concerning God’s protection.
  13. Give assurance to children you will check in as often as possible. This will give them the feel  that you’re close by and that they aren’t alone.
  14. Provide the child with lighting system they can operate by themselves.
  15. Desist from stories about scary creatures or evildoers.Only read happy story books before bed.
  16. Create a sense of security in a child by devising a regular and predictable habits at bedtime.
  17.  17. Is your child’s fear of the dark as a result of stress? Is there something he or she experienced today that resulted in anxiety? Did adults discuss a difficult situation in the child’s presence, did family members fight, or did something happen at school?
  18. Remind the child that God is big. He is with us and so are His angels. Pray together and invite God to fill the room with peace.
  19. Don’t ignore the child’s immature fears as ridiculous. Listen and reassure as the child expresses the fears.
  20. Praise the child for conquering the fear when it occurs. Let the praise be a big deal.
  21. Encourage the child to deal with the fear by using the tools you’ve provided. If the child can’t do it alone, allow him or her to get you. When you enter the room, guide the child in resolving the fear for him or herself.

Is there any other way you are aware of? Please share your thoughts and comments:

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