Benefits of Going on Self Drive in Tanzania

Self drive Tanzania

If you want to go on a trip with your family or friends, and you have enough time, it is always better to go by road. And if you are more in numbers, it is always a sensible idea to opt for self-drive car rental services. Self-drive car rental services have become one of the most widely accepted automobile-related services, especially for people who want a car for a short period whether for one day or a week.

You can treat the car like your own for as long as you are using it. Self-drive in Tanzania will also make your drive a lot more convenient. Therefore, here are the best benefits of self-drive car rental services which explain all its positive sides to you.


When you are opting for self-drive cars, you can expect complete privacy in the car. If you take a cab, many times the driver can interrupt or try to engage in chit-chat making the journey very bothersome. If it is two to three days a trip or for a week, then getting a bad driver will become a huge nuisance. But when you choose a self-drive car, there is no chance for anyone to interrupt your conversations and music. You can spend quality time with your traveling partners while you are driving.

Car Hygiene

Hygiene has always been a huge concern for many, and ever since the outbreak of Covid-19, it has become mandatory for everyone to maintain social distancing. Therefore, as you are traveling in a self-drive car, you can be sure about the level of hygiene that you are maintaining. The company will of course sanitize the car before handing it over to you, but to be even much sure, you can also carry out the second round of sanitization.


When we go on a long drive, we often feel the need to take a few short stops, but asking the driver of a taxi to stop after every one hour can be a little annoying to him. However, when you drive a car yourself, you are free from such situations. You can take several stops. You can have total control and decide the duration of the trip.


If we compare the charges of car rental services with that of a cab or taxi, car rentals are always more cost-effective. Car rental Tanzania is one of the most trusted car rental services in Tanzania. You can take the car rental services even for an entire month and the rates will be still pocket-friendly for you. If you want it for a longer period, you can do that by getting in touch with the company and requesting them to extend the period.

Safety & Security.

If you are taking a taxi, there are risks involved where the driver may fall asleep or neglect some safety guidelines. To avoid all these situations, you can easily go for self-drive car services. As you drive the car, you can be under control and take a break whenever you find the necessity of taking some rest. Also, you can maintain the speed limit and all security protocols.

Today, safety is a major concern for all of us. Face Masks, sanitizers, and social distancing norms for a ‘new normal’ requires us to be extra careful, even when we’re on vacation. Renting a car will ensure that you have your personal, sanitized vehicle with you at all times. Today, almost all rental services are providing sanitized self-drive cars on rent so you can commute worry-free.

Fun-filled journey

When you drive the car, you can have the kind of fun you want to have with your friends or family. You can stop at various attractions that you come across on the way to your destination. You do not have to think about the excess time spent or wonder if you will reach on time.


When you opt for a self-drive car service, you can take the route that you want. You get complete freedom and do not have to worry about being answerable to anyone. You can even improvise or go for an impromptu trip to any place you want at a moment’s notice.

Services or car subscription, you can expect a fully sanitized car. The services are available in almost all the cities; therefore, if you want to take the services, you can quickly check at the ease of your chair if the services are available in your city.


If you like driving and when you’re on the wheel in a car of your choice, even a tedious business trip can become an ethereal experience! When you rent a self-drive car, you can choose to take any route you like, discover hidden paths and trails and enjoy the journey at your own pace. It gives you autonomy, rarely found in other modes of travel.

Privacy & No ‘Driver’ Hassle

Privacy in a road trip is a valid concern today in view of the pandemic. In a self-drive car, that worries goes out the window. You can have a relaxed drive with the right music, in the right company and you cover the distance at your own pace; rest when tired, drive whenever you like.

There is ample space & safety for your luggage so you don’t need to worry about carrying valuables. In self-drive cars, you don’t encounter any driver related issues. This is what makes a pleasurable yet safe driving experience. So, blast your tunes and sing along, without worrying about disturbing the driver or worrying about where to drop your belongings before going sightseeing.


Renting a car is as easy as booking a cab. You can get an online car booking in minutes and get your desired car delivered to your doorstep! Moreover, you get extra services like assistance, a sanitized vehicle and autonomy. There are many cars for self-drive available and you can choose from a variety of options, instead of being ‘stuck’ with a company provided cab.

Take a short trip out of the city or go on a full-fledged expedition, a self-drive rental car will give you all the fun and privacy at the right price. Give yourself an experience and rent your favorite car for your next road trip.

Conclusion, whether you are choosing car rental services or car subscription, you can expect a fully sanitized car. The services are available in almost all the cities, therefore, if you want to take the services, you can quickly check at Car Rental Tanzania, a local car rental agency based in Arusha.

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