What are the Best Safari Car Options in East Africa


Wondering about the best safari car options for Self-drive in East Africa? Wonder no more. This is an important question that every traveler would ask themselves confidently knowing that a safari, whether guided or self-guided is not something every vehicle can do. Picking the most appropriate vehicles recommended for safari that offer excellent mileage for safari drives would be daunting for some travelers.

There are different vehicles that drive delegates, family, taking a loved one for a romantic dinner among others. However regardless of the purpose of the safari whether business, wildlife or game viewing, road trip a strong and safe vehicle adds more fun to your safari. But the real question is which the best cars for safari travel are?

Toyota Land cruisers

These are renowned for being the most rugged and reliable 4×4 safari vehicles in the world. They are excellent in off track terrain and each has been custom modified with Volvo seats that offer adjustable lumbar support. This is the best and commonly used vehicle on safari.

The Toyota land cruiser usually seats a minimum of five and maximum seven guests per vehicle. Each guest is guaranteed his or her own window seat and ample room to stretch out for your legs and your camera gears. And best of all the drivers are under no mileage restrictions.

These vehicles are always appropriate and the categories include land cruiser extended, land cruiser five seating capacity. They are upraised and never fail to access the un accessible roads of Africa.

The Toyota land cruisers also have features like in built fridge, high backed seats, wide range radio system and pop up roofs that can be closed when travelling long distance.

Land cruiser v8

The classic land cruiser v8 is exceptional for your self-drive safaris. They are perfectly designed with exceptional interiors and capable of tackling any kind of terrain in the country side. Some of the hardest routes to maneuver in East Africa are in the Serengeti and Ngorongoro of Tanzania and the Land cruiser V8 has turned out to be a monster in navigating these extremely poor roads. In the recent years, this four seater jeep is taking a close position in the top Kenya 4X4 Car rental vehicle options.

The 4×4 land cruiser v8 has incredible features like a seating capacity of 4 – 5 guests, air conditioner, five doors, 4-wheel drive, air bag for both the driver and the client, automatic transmission, CD player, centralized door lock among others. This type of safari vehicles is usually booked by the luxury clients because it is very comfortable making your safari a memorable one.

Toyota Rav4

This is one of the best Japanese automobile compact SUVs. It is a strong comfortable car with 1990 cc engine, simply powerful enough to drive in any place.

The Toyota Rav4 vehicle also has 3 to 5 doors and is available in both manual and automatic transmission. This type of vehicle also has an excellent fuel mileage and low cost of maintenance. It carries 4 to five people so it is the most recommended because of its low hiring costs compared to other safari cars.

The Rav4 rentals cars have features like air conditioning, FM radio, powerful engine, very comfortable steering and many others that give the guests the best experience as you embark on your self-drive road trip.

4×4 safari vans/ super customs/ Hiace van

These 4×4 safari vans are one of the best safari vehicles that you can book for your self-drive safari. This is most importantly for group tours because it sits up from 10 to 14 people.

They have a pop-up roof for you to take a breathtaking view of wildlife as you explore the National parks and other wildlife conservation areas. They also come with adequate space for you and your luggage.

The 4×4 safari van also be booked with a driver who is knowledgeable and well versed with the routes of booked for self-drive, which ever option is ok and still gives you ever lasting memories of your safari. They have features like air conditioner, pop up roof, clean windows, comfort, pocket friendly among others. And also come in both manual and automatic transmission.

They have four wheel drive so they can access any terrain, however the comfort is not the same as for land cruiser but traveling in a mini van instead of a land cruiser does save you a lot of money

Toyota Prado

This is one of the most popular 4×4 cars mostly used on a safari in Africa and specifically Uganda by all travelers. Whether a self-drive or chauffeur driven safari, these vehicles are always propriate and their categories include Prado GX, VX, TX, TZ, and the three turbo.

The Toyota Prado is a spacious vehicle allowing enough luggage and camping gear to fit in properly. It is also the perfect vehicle the roads in bad conditions especially on the rainy seasons usually found in most National parks. However, it is advisable to travel in the dry season when there is little or no rainfall and the roads are dry and not slippery.

More variety options

There are more other vehicles that you can plan with for a Self-drive in East Africa such as coasters, range rovers and small salon cars can be used in your safari as well but the above are the most recommended for a great and comfortable safari experience on your self-drive. All these cars range from luxury, midrange and budget depending on your interests.

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