Waiting,Waiting For D’BANJ


After a split with his friend and former producer and label co-owner, Don Jazzy that saw massive uproar against them going their separate ways, Dapo Oyebanjo popularly known as D’banj is yet to show to the world that he can yet make his mark. In this article, Wale Ameen takes a look at the entertainer’s progress two years on.

When the news filtered unto the public domain sometime in April 2012 that Dapo Oyebanjo aka D’banj and his erstwhile business partner and Mo Hits record label co-owner and producer Don jazzy had decided to part ways, not many gave it a nod of approval. To many, the duo were a perfect combination of creativity and balance. While D’banj had the lyrics swag as a self professed entertainer, Don Jazzy had the instrumentals. And so the combination was just what was needed to rule the Nigeria music scene.

When the news broke out,quite a number of Nigerians took steps both privately and publicly to appease both parties with the likes of Cool FM OAP Freeze and Ovation International publisher Dele Momodu, even urging their parents to step in and bring them ‘to their sences’.

Apparently, money matters and mode of operation were the underlying cause of their disagreement. While D’banj had his eyes set on global domination with the recent sign-up with Kanye West’s GOOD Music, his business partner rather preferred to sit tight and hold his reign in the Nigerian music scene.

Fast forward and two years after, both have obviously aligned themselves to their new individual pursuits. While D’banj now runs his self-named record ‘DB Records’, Don Jazzy is king of the Mavins.

It is however worrisome that the Koko master as he is often called seems to be finding it difficult to show to the world that he’s got it in him and that he can still replicate successes garnered with songs like Tongolo, Why Me and Oliver Twist. To many, he is proving them just right as they believe that without the magical touch of Don Jazzy, he really cannot stand his ground as a musician.

Speaking recently at his event ‘Koffi,Out of Control’, Koffi one of Nigeria’s foremost stand up comedian and MC had taken a swipe at D’banj urging him to let go of his ego and work with Don Jazzy. While the former is true, the latter may not be since Don Jazzy isn’t the only producer with the Midas touch and whoever said he (Don Jazzy) is the only one D’banj can work with to make a good hit?

It however behooves on D’banj to prove his critics wrong,look within himself for those inspirations that will prove him worthy of being one of Nigeria’s fronline music export. Aside from his outstanding and inspiring efforts with his collaboration with the ONE.org foundation, launch of his ‘Koko Garri’,contract as the African Ambassador for Beats by Dr Dre/Apple and single ‘Bother You’, Nigerians and by extension are waiting with bated breadth to see the second coming of the Koko Master.

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