Visit Rwanda & and FC Bayern Munich Deal Sealed

Visit Rwanda and FC Bayern Munich Deal Sealed

Today, Bayern Munich, a renowned German football club, has officially revealed a long-term, five-year collaboration focusing on football development and tourism promotion with the nation of Rwanda.

This exciting partnership was introduced during FC Bayern’s inaugural home game of the season and will entail close cooperation with Rwanda’s Ministry of Sports to establish a football academy, thereby enhancing the growth of football within the country.

Furthermore, as part of this arrangement, the club will prominently feature Visit Rwanda branding on the match day LED boards at the Allianz Arena, which can accommodate 75,000 spectators. Alongside this, a variety of initiatives and events will be organized to highlight tourism and investment prospects in Rwanda.

Bayern Munich joins hands with famous Premier League Club Arsenal the Gunners who also penned on a contract with Visit Rwanda branding, aim in to stimulate tourism in Rwanda and development at large. French dynamos Parish Saint Germain shares the lebel on their Players kit.

Rwanda’s Minister of Sports Aurore Mimosa Munyangaju, was impressed and happy for the signatories between the German sided FC Bayern Munich. He said that the partnership will yield positivity to the local sports men and women, establishing a football academy in Rwanda stimulating knowledge and tactics to Rwanda’s local coaches.

Germany enjoys a strong and enduring relationship with Rwanda, exemplified by the 40-year partnership between Rhineland-Palatinate and Rwanda.

Rwanda has struck an incredible partnership with FC Bayern Munich, showcasing the nation’s abundant natural beauty on stadium billboards. This collaboration is set to continue until 2028, when the contract comes to a close. What a remarkable agreement between the two!

It should also be remembered that this is not the first club of football to partner Rwanda, manifesting Visit Rwanda logo, Club footballs including Arsenal of England in English Premier league Paris Saint Germain of France also owns an agreement with Rwanda.

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