Exciting Things to Do on a Family Safari in Uganda


If you are still hesitating about the top exciting destinations to visit for a glimpse of an African Wildlife Safari experience, you are not far from the right destination – here is Uganda popularly notable as the “Pearl of Africa”.

Sir Winston Churchill dubbed “The Pearl of Africa” for many reasons – one of them is the diverse range of captivating draws. It is geographically located in the Eastern part of Africa sharing borders with Kenya in the East, Tanzania in the South, Rwanda in the South West, and South Sudan in the north and Democratic Republic of Congo in the west.

Though widely known for Gorilla Safaris, Uganda is more of a destination for adventure, Wildlife encounters, and Culture but it is as well packed with numerous localities where you can go with your kids for kid-friendly pursuits. With that reason, now it’s easy to understand why several travelers from different parts of the World flock in with their kids for an adventure to remember.

There is always a lot of activities kids offered in Uganda Safaris right from quad biking, beach hopping, game drives and boat cruises among others. Here are some of the thrilling things you can do with your young ones on a tailor-made Uganda wildlife safari.

Visit the Uganda Wildlife Conservation Centre

This conservation locale is located in Entebbe. It is used as a showcasing area for all Uganda’s Wildlife species. Your kids will like to see the various animals that protected in cages.

More than that, this Centre commonly known as a zoo consists of a part reserved as a theme park for kids to have fun.

There are multiple kid’s facilities including the water slides and more. If your kids are not impressed by the animals, you can leave them in this park and for the adults continue with the guided walk around.

Taste on Local food

There is nothing more exciting than tasting on food away from your home country. Uganda is ranked amongst the top destinations with the most luscious cuisine in the World.

Let your kids get exposed a culinary adventure that’s hard to find anywhere else. During your safari, you can order for local food because most of restaurants in the city and top places to visit serve both local and international dishes.

Beach Hopping

Since Uganda shares one of the largest lakes in East Africa “Lake Victoria” with other countries. Therefore it’s no surprise that this destination is recorded with varied untouched shorelines.

These shorelines feature a range of white sandy beaches that are flanked by turquoise waters. After long distance drives, you can cool off with your kids at one of the beaches – Swim, relax or bask in open air as you take in sweeping views of seascapes and blue sky. Most of the ideal beaches are found in Entebbe.

Embark on a Game drive

With this, your kids will be more overwhelmed. Early in the morning or evening you can embark on a game drive in one of Uganda’s Wildlife Parks like Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls or Kidepo Valley National Park.

Kids will be fascinated by sights of numerous Wild animals feeding like Elephants, Buffaloes, Kobs and more. But be sure to watch after your kids – they should not move out of the Car.

Boat Cruise on Lake Victoria

Cruising along the waters is exciting to everyone. From the boat you can admire lots of magnificent sceneries, aquatic life and Sunset/rise.

Boat cruise in Uganda is mainly operated along the waters of Lake Victoria particularly in Jinja or Entebbe and other localities like Queen Elizabeth National Park on Kazinga Channel and Murchison Falls National park on the falls.

Visit the Uganda Museum

This historical site is used as a store to all Uganda’s historical remains like weapons and other tools that belong to different past kingdoms.

You can visit with your kids to for historical buffs about Uganda. A list of objects showcased is enough to reveal everything.

It is located in the suburbs of Kampala city – Kamwokya near Mulago hospital, the largest hospital in Uganda.

Visit Ngamba Island Chimp Sanctuary

Ngamba Island Chimpanzee sanctuary is located on an island on the waters of Lake Victoria. This island is part of Koome group of Islands. The sanctuary was mainly established to provide home to the rescued and uncared chimpanzee primates.

You can easily get there by boat cruise from Entebbe – Nakiwogo landing site. Once you reach there, you will engage in several activities including Chimpanzee feeding the most thrilling for kids.

Quad Biking

If you are looking out for a place to hone your quad biking skills in Uganda, Jinja is the best to go – the biking is usually done near the Bujjagali falls – You can let your kids feel the adventure while riding on four wheel. They also offer biking lessons to beginners.

Visit a shopping mall in Kampala

Kampala city and its suburbs consist of multiple malls that feature kid-friendly areas with play grounds, slides and more. Some of these malls include garden city, freedom city, acacia mall, Victoria mall and more.


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