The Thrill of Traveling Spontaneously

Visit Lake Bunyonyi

There are times when you wake up and just want to pack your bags and make your way to places unknown.

You feel like everything around you is too overwhelming to handle and all you need is a breather just to gather your thoughts and find peace in your heart for a moment.
To relax and not be worried about how many appointments you have in a day or what stress has been on your mind, throwing your cares to the wind and breath with no care in the world.

We have all had these thoughts, thoughts that make you want to book a bus and follow the road to wherever it ends and see something new away from the monotony of your daily life. It is allowed to want to see something different; in fact, it is advisable for you to always take time off as much as you can to get a breather so that you can rejuvenate your energies every once in awhile.

It might start on a bus to somewhere; you wake up and leave your home planning to go to a place that breaths calm into your soul, or it might be on a flight to an exotic location that raises your spirits to the utmost form of happiness. Whatever it is, you do it because you feel the road is calling you.

So, you heed the call and get on your way to somewhere new even without as much necessary knowledge about where you are going. Deep within you know this is going to be an adventure you will live to tell your children someday.

You feel excitement fly high and with every distance plus mile that gets you closer to your destination, the heart gives leaps of joy; you pin your face to the windows taking in every bit of the landmarks or greenery you see.

You might not have traveled beyond your hometown and this is your first time away from everything familiar; every sound you hear and everything you see carries a form of wonder to you.

Some things are familiar to the eye and others are a surprise to behold; the excitement has to grow beyond what was expected so you savoir every moment and take pictures for when you need to show the world what you never knew existed. With every trudge down new streets gives you a sense of discovery and therein you learn something you didn’t know back home. Attachment grows with every smile you meet, your heart meets kindness in the eyes of strangers and slowly you do not feel so far away from home anymore.

The need to climb every mountain arises when you see daunting shadows way up in the morning mist as you feel the dew slip off the grass. As the birds chirp with their rising song you know you want to jump into the unknown and explore what lies ahead of you in this new land. Droplets of water leading to rivers and lakes make a trail long enough for you to follow and get lost in the goodness of nature. You are now enthralled in the unexpected.
The wonderful sense of freedom fills your heart with every passing day. You suddenly wonder why you never ever tried to do this before. Travel to free your mind and relax your body.

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