Facts About Africa that will Surprise You

Wildlife in Kruger National Park

There are so many facts of amazing facts phew. As per the Africa is known for many beautiful locations like that there are number of facts about Africa. When you planned to visit the Africa, that time you get so much surprised by knowing the beautiful spots that much you are going to be surprised by knowing the facts about Africa. The geography facts of Africa are like there are 3 and couple of discord territories. You will be shocked after reading this that the height of tallest mountain in Africa is 5895 meters/19,340 feet; Mt Kilimanjaro; Tanzania. The lowest center in Africa is Lake Assal in Djibouti; it lies at five hundred fifteen feet under sea level.

The Sahara desert, it spread nearly three point five million square miles; it is the largest desert, in Africa. It is so big desert that it will span around North Africa and covers a large part of dozen countries. Do you know which the longest river in Africa is? Don’t start thinking here is an answer; it is Nile it runs near by Uganda to all the way Egypt. It is 4,132 miles/6650 km long. The amazing thing is that it is also the highest river in the world.  Now it is time of lake, Victoria Lake in Africa East, Tanzania, bordering Uganda, and Kenya. Victoria Lake, in the world is 2nd largest; this is such a unique thing that most of the world’s best things are related to Africa.

The 4th largest island in the world is the largest island in Africa; it is Madagascar, it is situated in East coast of Africa. Madagascar is 1000miles/1580km long and three hundred fifty miles five hundred seventy km wide. The largest waterfall of Africa is the Victoria Falls; it is on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia. Victoria Falls are just over one mile wide/one point seven km and three hundred fifty five feet one hundred eight m high. You will be overwhelmed after knowing this that in season of wet over five hundred million liters plummets of water over the edge in the . Even if you are standing 30 miles way from the waterfall, still you will get the spray of water on your body.

There are also some facts relating to Africa’s population. Nigeria, it is one of the most populated countries in Africa with population of one hundred twenty five-one hundred forty five million people. The second largest is Egypt over seventy six million people. Now you must be thinking that there should be least populated country; so it is the Seychelles with eighty thousand people but Namibia is the less populated country in Africa. If you are willing to visit Africa then you must be confused about which countries you should visit. Then go to Egypt it is the famous tourist destination in Africa. In the year 2007, Egypt had attracted around ten million visitors. Most of the tourist attracted towards the pyramids. Then Kenya and Tanzania are the famous east African countries for tourist, but due to political imbalance the tourist numbers got declined in 2008.

There are some fun facts about Africa like you can enjoy some nice1930′s Italian architecture; when you will visit Eritrea’s capital Asmara.  If you are dieing fully wanted to get certification of open-water diving in cheapest rate, but you need to go to Lake Malawi; and you can also enjoy the delicious five hundred varieties of tropical fish while learning.

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