Top 10 richest countries in Africa

The richest countries in Africa have standards of living that are comparable to those of Western countries


Africa is a continent rich in natural resources. Among all the countries of this continent, some are among the poorest on the planet. But others are doing quite well. The richest countries in Africa have standards of living that are comparable to those of Western countries.

Attention to make classification, one does not only take into account the gross domestic product. We actually calculate an average, that is, divide the GDP by the number of inhabitants. And this to obtain an average annual income.
The ranking of the top richest countries in Africa
1. Mauritius

Mauritius, one of the richest countries in Africa. This country is an exception in Africa. Located off the coast of Africa and with 22 356 US dollars this country displays a GDP per capita in line with that of many European countries. Mauritius is an El Dorado which, it must be recognized, is booming thanks to tourism. This country is the richest, but it is also the smallest country in Africa.
2. Seychelles

One of the richest countries in Africa is in the Indian Ocean. Tourism destination par excellence, the average income in Seychelles hovers around the US $ 15,500 per capita.
3. South Africa, one of the richest countries in Africa

This large African country alone concentrates a large part of the continent’s wealth. Nevertheless in a country of 57 million inhabitants, the average income is 13,526 US dollars per inhabitants.
4. The Bostwana

With a GDP of 17.5 billion dollars and a population of around 2.3 million inhabitants, Botswana is one of the richest countries in Africa.

The average per capita income is estimated at $ 7,000. But when we study the purchasing power in Bostwana, we see that it is very high. That is to say that the products are inexpensive and that with a dollar at Bostwana you can actually receive for almost 2 dollars worth of goods (this is the notion of purchasing power parity).

In terms of human development, Bostwana is just behind Mauritius and Seychelles. The only downside is the high rate of people infected with HIV.

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5. Gabon

This small African country has a population of 1.8 million people with an average per capita income of $ 6,600. This country has significant oil resources that support the country’s economy.
6. Equatorial Guinea, one of the richest countries in Africa

This West African country covers 28,051 km² with a population of around 1.3 million. The country’s GDP is just over $ 10.5 billion, which makes it possible to establish a GDP per capita at $ 6,550.

Historically Equatorial Guinea lived thanks to the exploitation of its mines. But in 1996 an oil field was discovered which completely changed the face of the country.
7. Tunisia

Tunisia is one of the richest countries in Africa. This North African country experienced the tumult of the Arab Spring. Despite long years of instability, the average per capita income in Tunisia is very precisely 3,580 US dollars.

However, there is a high unemployment rate. The number of unemployed people in the Tunisian working population is estimated at 15.5%.
8. Morocco

GDP per capita in Morocco is around $ 3,200. This country is a liberal-inspired economy with a dose of interventionism.

The tourism industry carries the economy of the country but also it is a country that exports raw materials such as phosphates and phosphorus. Morocco is also an industrial country that also exports textiles, cars and the food industry.
9. Nigeria

The average per capita income in Nigeria is estimated at $ 2,700 . In terms of wealth creation, this country is one of the most economically powerful with a GDP of 560 billion dollars. But when we divide this wealth created in a year by the number of inhabitants, unfortunately, there is not much left.
10. Egypt

This large country in North East Africa covers more than a million square kilometers. It is, therefore, one of the largest countries in Africa. Since the Arab Spring and the country’s economic instability, Egypt has been in a very fragile economic situation. Indeed political events and insecurity do not allow the development of tourism as before.

The average per capita income in Egypt is therefore estimated to be around $ 2,500 per capita.

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