Nigerian Star ‘Neyo P’ Dropping Twin Audios & Music Videos Shot In Kenya by Enos Olik

Neyo P

Known for his unique hip-hop sounds fused in afro beat vibes, Neyo P—the Nigeria born rapper based in Lagos is in Nairobi for a musical sejour, under which he is releasing twin videos and audios for: “Everything Pure” and “One Time”. With his rap best described as a blend of Dagrin and 50 Cent-esque style, Neyo P is coming out strong with these fresh records, set to feature in his EP “4:19” slated for a 2018 release under the record label, “Lagos Outskirt Music”.

Both “Everything Pure” and “One Time” are produced by M16 and mastered by Otee Beatz with their music videos also shot in Nairobi, Kenya. “One Time” video shot by high profile Kenyan video director and producer: Enos Olik in Nairobi, Kenya with “Everything Pure” shot by budding Kenyan director: Deska Torres.

Neyo P hopes that his upcoming EP will perform better that his debut album: Back Street Class, and is convinced that his time in East Africa and specifically Kenya, will make this possible because of the artistic inspiration flowing around the region. Ahead of his releases, Neyo P says: “So many people are afraid of failure, but what I’ve learned is that failure is a great teacher and if you’re open to it, every mistake has a lesson to offer. I have learned more from failure than success, am not afraid of anything.”

While in Nairobi, he is looking to work with various acts including Harmonize, Nessa and Msupa S. He looks up to African stars like Angelique Kidjo, Dr Alban. He adds, “My goal is to reach the world with my rap, and local dialect (Yoruba and Pidgin) because hip – hop is a force in the world and I realize that like all art, it holds up a mirror to society and shows us who we. I want to reflect what people are feeling and thinking.”


Isaiah James popularly known by his stage name Neyo P comes. His label, Lagos Outskirt music outreach is an independent Music record Label whose vision is to spread music all across Africa and to the world, and to help support young up coming act, and get young youths off the street through music. Regarding Neyo P’s Lagos Outskirt music outreach, he says: “My first album, which in a small circle is a classic album, didn’t sell massive numbers worldwide; making it a huge lesson to me in the music business and inspires me to get my own independent record label,” adding, “I set the trend, I don’t follow, and that’s my goal.”

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