Netflix secret codes to access the entire Netflix hidden movies and catalog


Netflix is a streaming video platform that offers a very extensive catalog. But on its home page, Netflix limits its recommendations to current trends, the latest releases or to choices based on the profile of the user. To access the entire catalog and find nuggets to see or review, there are several tips to know. Here are the Netflix secret codes or Netflix hidden codes
Search the Netflix app

The application includes a search engine, accessible by clicking on the magnifying glass at the bottom of the screen. The search can be carried out according to a keyword: part of the title of a film or documentary, the name of an actor or a director … It is also possible to search only available films in certain languages, or according to a specific style (science fiction, comedy, action, etc.)

1. Click on the magnifying glass,
2. Enter the name or the keyword,
3. Click on Enter or OK.

Under the search box, Netflix integrates recommendations based on the most popular searches.
The film or documentary sheet is displayed by clicking on the image.
Use the secret codes of the categories on the Netflix site

On its website and provided you are connected, Netflix offers a simple search engine. But there is a trick to find the different films and documentaries classified by category.

Type the URL:

Just add a code like 12345 to this URL to access a specific category. For example, the code 10118 corresponds to comic book and superhero movies. You must enter the URL to access it directly.

Here is a list of codes associated with categories and subcategories:

Action & Adventure (1365)
The great Action & Adventure classics (46576)
Action Comedies (43040)
Action thrillers (43048)
Adventures (7442)
Superhero Comics and Movies (10118)
Westerns (7700)
Spy Films (10702)
Martial arts movies (8985)
War & Action Movies (2125)
Asian Action Movies (77232)

The great classics of cinema (31574)
The classics of comedy (31694)
Classic dramas (29809)
The classics of Science Fiction & Fantasy (47147)
The Thrillers (46588)
Film Noir (7687)
The great war films (48744)
The great epics (52858)
Silent cinema (53310)
Westerns (47465)

Cult Movies (7627)
B Series Movies (8195)
Kitchampy Films (1252)
Horror Movies (10944)
Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies (4734)
Cult Comedies (9434)

Comedies (6548)
Black comedies (869)
Foreign comedies (4426)
Political comedies (2700)
Sports Comedies (5286)
Stand-up (11559)
Teen Comedies (3519)
Satires (4922)
Romantic comedies (5475)

Romances (8883)
The great classics (31273)
Romantic comedies (5475)
The most famous (502675)
Eccentric (36103)
Independent Movies (9,916)
Foreign cinema (7153)
Dramas (1255)
Erotic (35800)

Science Fiction & Fantasy (1492)
The classics (47147)
Cult Movies (4734)
Action Movies (1568)
With aliens (3327)
Fantasy (9744)
Adventure Movies (6926)
Dramas (3916)
Horror Movies (1694)
Thrillers (11014)

Thrillers (8933)
Action Movies (43048)
The classics (46588)
Crimes (10499)
Independent Thrillers (3269)
Gangster Movies (31851)
Psychological Thrillers (5505)
Political thrillers (10504)
Mysteries (9994)
Science Fiction Thrillers (11014)
Spy thrillers (9147)
Erotic Thrillers (972)
Supernatural thrillers (11140)

Cartoons (7424)
Adult cartoons (11881)
Action Cartoons (2653)
Animated comedies (9302)
Animated dramas (452)
Science fiction cartoons (2729)
Horror Cartoons (10695)
Heroic fantasy cartoons (11146)
Animated series (6721)

Children & Family Movies (783)
Films from 0 to 2 years old (6796)
Films for ages 2 to 4 (6218)
Films from 5 to 7 years old (5455)
Films from 8 to 10 years old (561)
Films from 11 to 12 years old (6962)
Children’s documentaries (10659)
Movies based on children’s books (10056)
Cartoons (11177)
Disney (67673)
Children’s TV Programs (27346)
Animal Tales (5507)

Music (1701)
For children (52843)
Country & Western / Folk (1105)
Jazz (10271)
Latin Music (10741)
Urban & Dance Concerts (9472)
Concerts around the world (2856)
Rock & Pop concerts (3278)
Musicals (13335)
On stage (55774)

Series & TV Shows (83)
The classics (46553)
Cult Series (74652)
British series (52117)
Korean series (67879)
Mini-series (4814)
Food & Travel (72436)
War (25804)
Science & Nature (52780)
Action & Adventure (10673)
Crimes (26146)
Comedies (10375)
Documentaries (10105)
Dramas (11714)
Horror (83059)
Mystery (4366)
Science Fiction & Fantasy (1372)
Reality TV (9833)
Children’s programs (27346)
Teen Programs (60951)

This is only a partial list: for the full list of codes, go to this link or this link.
Do a search on specialized sites

Good news for cinema lovers, several specialized sites also list titles in the Netflix catalog. With several advantages: it is not necessary to be connected to Netflix before you can do your research, and the selection criteria have been defined.

The Flixable site lists all the content according to their genre, their date of addition to Netflix or the language in which they are available. The plus: a list of content that will soon be deprogrammed on the platform. JustWatch

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