Leillah Shekalala: Disrupting Tech Space to Empower African Caribbean Hair Businesses

Leilah Shekalala


For years  Leillah Sekalala struggled to find a consistently good salon for her Afro hair and would often find that her social circle had the same problem.
In 2012, in a bid to solve this problem, Leillah launched the NoScrunchie website to give black and mixed raced women access to good quality salon information across London, The UK and internationally. No woman should come out of an Afro Hair Salon with a scrunchie in their hair or anything to hide the style. What women really want is to go to a salon and have a great experience without having to hide their style with a scrunchie. The site features salons who cater for all types of afro hair: relaxed, natural, weaves and wigs.

Born in Uganda, Leillah moved to the UK in 2014 and is a fully qualified accountant working with SMEs in London and has a passion for seeing business grow, particularly in the African Caribbean Community. “My motivation is to provide credibility to the afro hair businesses, both salons and hair extensions retailers. Credibility will lead to more clients, and that will mean that our small businesses will thrive and potentially become SMEs” Leillah Sekalala.

Leillah created NoScunchie to distrupt the digital space, giving African Caribbean hair salons a platform to not only list their services but to receive honest, unbiased reviews of real client experiences. This gives the salon the opportunity to improve their service and it enhances their credibility as trustworthy brands. Customers are given a chance to find out about local salons from the comfort of their homes so that they know what to expect from the service and the hairstyle when they visit list the salon.

NoScrunchie has also launched a Hair Extensions review section on the site which is the first of its kind in the UK and possibly the world. With so many entrepreneurs launching hair extension brands it can be difficult for consumers to know who to trust. With the No Scrunchie Hair Extension review portal consumers can compare and contrast before investing in hair extensions and have access to brands from across the world.

NoScrunchie is available everywhere and anywhere, and is set to become the “TripAdvisor” of Afro Hair! Customers can use the site to review a salon or hair extensions retailer in any part of the world.

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