Wednesday, May 18, 2022


Africa Untold: Return To Somalia

Two stories of rediscovery for three young people personally invested in Somalia’s recovery from 21 years of civil war. In these two documentaries, we...

Nollywood or Bust at Africa Utopia

‘Africa at the Movies’ Saturday 21st July, 11am at Queen Elizabeth Hall The Nigerian film industry produces more than 2,000 films a year, is worth over...

Jacob’s Cross

An illegitimate son inherits his father’s dream and a family he may never belong to… The new alliance between Bola and Adana is fueled by...

Mzansi Love Season 1

Summer of Love – Tuesday’s 9pm  The Designer…. The Journalist…. The Chef….. These Mzansi career women all share one thing in common: The business of love. This exclusive...

Hlomla Dandala: Star of Jacob’s Cross

Addicted to the new series of Jacob’s Cross? The Africa Channel gives you the chance to get to know the dark eyes behind the...

Groove Legends

Intimate interviews with some of the legends of soul, R&B, hip hop and blues. Coming Soon Sam Moore Best known as one half of legendary duo Sam...

Film Africa 2012

Reviews: Sex, Okra & Salted Butter Phone Swap Zulu Love Letter Dear Mandela Town of Runners Material Maami Soul Boy Maami (2011) Tunde Kelani, Nigeria London’s biggest annual African film festival is currently taking...
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