Egypt Targets 20% Growth in Tourism by End of 2015

Egypt Pyramids

Tourists have been flocking back to Egypt again with a huge growth in tourism income in 2014. This country that has been disturbed by political protests is now on recovery and more tourists have started traveling to the destination that has always been number one in Africa. Today the country’s tourism ministry is targeting even more progress expecting an increase in 20% growth by the end of 2015.

Egypt’s minister of tourism Hisham Zaazon is targeting a 20% growth in tourist numbers this year. Egypt made $7.5billion from tourism in 2014, with a significant growth of $1.6billion compared to the year before. Zaazon believes the tourism sector is moving towards recovery with Phase III of the roadmap being implemented.

Hotel capacity in Egypt is at 225,000 rooms, with 65% of them being located in the Red Sea and South Sinai. The rest are distributed between Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor and Aswan. In 2014 tourist expenditure per night increased from $74.3 at the start of the year to $81.3 at the end, which is all good news for the country’s economy.

“We have a plan to contract with major advertising companies to promote Egyptian tourist resorts and the different patterns of tourism for the annual cost of $40million for a period of three years,” claimed Zaazon. The amount of tourism income is also targeted to double over the next five years, from the current $81.3 to $120 per night.

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