8 signs that proves your relationship is almost over


He can no longer bear these incessant reproaches but stays anyway. She can’t take it anymore but refuses to leave him. We often talk about the increasing number of divorces (one relationship out of two separates) but there is rarely any relationship where everything is going well, but who stays together against all odds, for fear of loneliness but also for fear of making a mistake some people decides to still be in it.

What is the point of enduring boredom and misunderstanding for years and die in silence, when one could regain his freedom, and incidentally, his happiness? Here are 8 signs that proves your relationship is almost over

1. You no longer communicate.

Who has never heard that communication is the lifeline of any relationship? Well, hmmm, if you haven’t heard it’s true. A talking relationship is a working relationship. Otherwise, how can one burst the abscesses which can appear? How to can one get out of an argument? How do you know if you’re still on the same wavelength?

Lovers who flounder are very often the ones who stop communicating. Talking also means wanting to move things in the right direction and therefore develop your relationship. Without discussion, the relationship remains at a standstill, unable to move forward.

Avoiding discussion is also to stop confiding, to stop talking about your everyday problems, your fears, your desires. It is to lock oneself in a bubble. This lack of communication gives rather gloomy scenes of life.

A couple in a restaurant who spends more time on your phone than eye to eye or a meal at home where the only words spoken are ” can you pass me the wine?” ” This kind is not willing to go any further.

If you want to save your relationship from this bad patch, there is no magic bullet. You have to make an effort, find moments for two, give yourself weekends … Get out of your comfort zone to rediscover yourself once again.
2. You no longer make love as a couple.

If you are wondering how to know if your couple is finished, look at the bedroom side. Many say that sex is 50% of the good health of a relationship. In any case, we can agree on one thing: even if sex does not represent half of a relationship, when it is not there, something is wrong.

A fulfilling sex life shows a good understanding within the partners. Besides, intimately speaking close lovers, who dare to talk about their fantasies, their desires and who surrender completely to their partner are often happier but also more accomplices.

Being on the pillow allows you to form a deep intimacy and to forget all your problems for a while. When, on the contrary, we no longer feel desire for the other, when we no longer want him, we must ask ourselves questions. Decreases in libido happen though but it’s not supposed to last 6 months … Is something wrong with your? Or do you no longer have a feeling for your boyfriend/girlfriend?

If the naughty moment refusal comes from your partner but you want it, it’s still different and maybe more frustrating. At that time, it is advisable to speak about it with him / her to burst the abscess and perhaps to find an intimacy.
3. You run away from moments together

When we love, we always want to be together. Sometimes we even have to move away a bit because we know deep down that being glued to two 24 hours a day is not necessarily a good thing. You must keep your moments and your garden secret.

But when the opposite happens, how do you react? Looking for the sign that a couple is breaking up? Do you prefer to spend time with your friends rather than being with him / her? Do you avoid romantic evenings? Are you literally running away from the times when you have to face each other? Are you going to sleep after him / her so that you don’t have to talk in bed? Do you even avoid answering your phone when its name is displayed?

Ask yourself these questions, it’s a good test to know if it’s the end of a relationship or not. Indeed, if you do not have the desire to spend time with your partner, definitely there is a problem …
4. You argue constantly

This situation is likely to annoy, dismay, and tire you out. When you don’t even remember the reason for your last argument because they are so common, there is really a problem. Especially since often in this kind of situation, there is no valid reason that leads to the argument. It is the response to a whole, to a relationship that is coming to an end and that we cannot get away from. And therefore a relationship that hurts us.

As soon as your partner opens his mouth to speak, as soon as he moves, as soon as he makes noise, he/she annoys you. It is physical, you have the impression of not supporting him/her and inevitably, you chain the arguments tirelessly.

Disputes are often the means to generate a crisis situation which in turn would lead to separation. You seek to provoke conflict to escape the fact that your relationship is no longer the same as before. You should rather take your courage in both hands and face your partner. Explain yourself once and for all, even if it means breaking up.

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