Top 10 Things to Do in East Africa

A travel specialist will help you scout for the Big Five (lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant and rhino). And mountain gorillas. You’ll also see a...

Gorilla Trekking in Uganda, Rwanda & DR Congo

Drawing comparison in gorilla trekking within Uganda, Rwanda and Congo is one of the most challenging tasks, given the fact that the activity involves...

Climbing the Rwenzori Mountains, Facts & Information

The Rwenzori mountain ranges boast of their outstanding beauty which combines the stunning peaks, valleys, lakes, glaciers with different floral, faunal species. The Rwenzori Mountains...

Why Go for Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

Uganda features among the three unique countries in Africa where mountain gorilla adventures. The others include Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)....

Gorilla Trekking: 5 Countries to Visit in 2021

Gorilla tracking is regarded as the most interesting adventurous tourist activity done on earth and many who have got this chance of meeting them...

10 Things tourist should never do when visiting Ghana

Ghana is a lovely and a very peacful country. As a matter of fact, Ghana is ranked the 4th most peacful country in the...

10 Ultimate Travel Experiences in Africa

Wildlife, incredible landscapes, exciting road trips, centuries-old tribes and glorious beaches are just a few great travel experiences that make Africa one of the...

Rwanda Launches New Festival ‘NYANZA TWATARAMYE’

Rwanda's tourism is growing fast thanks to the creative stakeholders in its tourism industry. Renowned mostly for mountain gorillas, Rwanda is not only the...

Popular Ghanaian Local Drinks and Beverages

There is nothing refreshing than a cold drink or beverage anytime you are experiencing the hot Ghanaian climatic condition. The type of drink or...

Classic African Restaurant in Accra, Ghana

This video is a restaurant walk through of one of the topmost best restaurant in Accra, Ghana A Message from Azmera from - Afua Krobea...
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