Top 23 beautiful places to visit in Africa (with pictures)


9. Luxor, Egypt
When you travel North, to the land of the Pharaohs, make sure to visit Luxor. This is literally an open air museum. With an impressive number of pristine preserved monuments, the ‘valley of the Kings and Queens’ present you with an enchanting trip to the good old, historical days. Go on tour and explore over 60 underground tombs and experience first-hand how the great Egyptians lived.
10. The White and Black Desert, Egypt
If you thought visiting the Pyramid of Giza was strange enough, think again. Egypt has two deserts (close to one another) that simply defy logic. The White Desert has un-earth like structures that can only be described as…well, un-earth like! These ghost-white rock formations give this place an eerier, yet enchanting look.

On other hand, the Black Desert is just the exact opposite; filled with blacked sand dunes and hills. The Black Desert is believed to be a remnant of volcanic action from years ago. That does not make it any less mind-boggling.
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11. Goree Island, Senegal

Just a small distance from Dakar, Senegal, is a little island called Goree. Here you will find no cars, a whole lot of sand, and sheer tranquillity. Many people may know Goree Island from its reputation as a former slave trading centre.

In fact, one of the major attractions in the island, besides the beautiful sands of the beach, is the ‘House of Slaves’ (Maison des Esclaves). Goree Island presents a much needed change from the hustle and bustle that is Dakar.
12. Nyika Plateau National Park, Malawi
Renowned for its dense leopard population, Nyika Plateau National Park in Malawi is a rather unusual place. It is the largest national park that Malawi has to offer and it has lush vegetation; beautiful mountains complete with rivers and waterfalls, and beautiful trails to boot.

Go and experience a little mountain biking, trek through the hills that make up this beautiful park or better yet, take a ‘Jeep Exploration Tour’ of the whole region. You will see untold natural beauty that can only be found here.
13. Draa Valley, Morocco
Stunning! That is the only way to describe this splendid landscape. Draa Valley is a picturesque location that has expansive date plantation, kasbahs and red earth that reaches out to touch the skies.

If you have had enough of the Atlas Mountains and cannot take any more heat from the Sahara, then head over to Draa Valley and experience something a little different.

You will find that the Southern end, Zagora, has a lot to offer in terms of accommodation and tourist activities. This location is 5 hours from Marrakech by road. The drive is actually part of the attraction as you go through a spectacularly scenic route through the Atlas Mountains.

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