Planet Africa

Planet Africa

Using an exciting and upbeat style, this series takes the audience on a journey across Africa to witness a variety of positive environmental and community-driven projects . Featuring case studies of the Shark Spotter Program along the Cape coast; Cheetah Outreach; Darling Wind Farm and Mobile Vets, Planet Africa will inspire you!

Episode 13

Uncover the hidden sources of water in the world’s most extraordinary desert.

Find out about the important work down by the Anti-Poaching Unit in the Western Cape.

Follow ground squirrels as they forage for food in the Kalahari.

Episode 12

Meet the People of the Pool – custodians of Lake Fundudzi in the Limpopo Province.

Experience the gentle giants of the Namib Desert.

Get stuck into agricultural work at the Foster Farm.


Episode 11


Learn about life in a Shangaan village.

See how desert creatures survive in the scorching desert heat.

Walk with San Bushmen through the Kalahari – a desert ten times the size of Great Britain.


Episode 10


Cross borders in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park.

Learn how to become a wildlife filmmaker at the Wildlife Film Academy.

Find out how to catch a crocodile!

Episode 9


Meet Baggins, the beautiful cheetah who is making great progress in rehabilitation.

Discover how ethical tourism can help to conserve the environment and provide sustainable support to rural communities.

Sit back and watch the action at Durban Wild Talk Africa film festival.

Episode 8


Be inspired by the innovative non-profit youth support programme Hoops 4 Hope that helps kids learn life skills through basketball.

Join the class to learn about cheetah conservation in Botwsana with the Cheetah Outreach programme.

Follow rangers and schoolchildren as they head out into the bush to identify animals, flora and fauna.

Episode 7


Cage Dive with majestic Great White Sharks off the coast off the Cape coast.

Witness a recycling revolution with disabled children.

Reel in the Catch of the Day with the South African Sustainable Seafood Initiative.

Episode 6


See trash being transformed into toys.

Meet the Shark Spotters who patrol the beaches of Cape Town and save lives.

Discover how cart horse owners are being taught how to look after their working animals.

Episode 5


Meet the Black Eagle and the skilled trainers who work with them.

Explore an Eco School in a township where they grow their own vegetables and herbs.

Find out how the Drakenstein Lion Park saves captive bred lions from canned hunting.


Episode 4


Be inspired by women who are using their crafts to build a strong community group.

Discover the ecological benefits of bio-dynamic farming.

Follow the Animal Rescue society caring for abandoned domestic animals in South Africa and experience the magical environment of The Birds of Eden sanctuary.


Episode 3


Find out how children of wine farm workers are given new hope by after-school clubs.

Witness the ingenuity of sustainable hydroponic farming – growing plants without soil.

Follow the Anatolian Shepherd dogs that are helping conservationists to track wild animals, and experience the atmosphere in the world’s first free-roaming monkey sanctuary!


Episode 2


Be amazed by the talented performers at Zip Zap Circus School

Fly through the treetops of the forest canopy.

See how people overcome their greatest fears to handle snakes, and find out how wolves made it to South Africa.


Episode 1


Follow the teachers and students at the non-profit organization Gary’s Surf School as they take on the waves in Cape Town and work hard towards becoming competitive surfers.

Be inspired by previously disadvantaged young people who are moving up in the world at the Chrysalis Academy and giving something back to their communities.

Learn more about the world’s fastest animal with the conservation enthusiasts at Cheetah Outreach, and discover how technology is harnessing the skills of illiterate animal trackers following black rhino in the Karoo National Park.

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