What is an out of hours fee in car rental?

Car Rental Uganda

Car Rental Companies in Uganda usually charge out-of-hours fees for clients who pick up or drop off their Rental Cars outside the Company’s clearly stipulated normal opening hours. This varies from Company to Company and therefore important to first find out from the Company on their opening hours, organize for out-of-hours services (in case of unavoidable circumstances such as traffic jam), and how much you are likely to be charged.

Nobody plans to get late and you never can tell when you need to get a Rental Car very late in the night or very early in the morning before/or after the Company’s official opening hours. No Rental Company in Uganda is always open 24/7 and yet some urgent needs have to be sorted. The wonderful news however is that a few Uganda Car Rental Companies (Uganda Self Drive) are exceptional and always willing to open their reservations desk outside the official opening hours, especially if requested in advance. It is a widely known fact that 24/7 operating time is normally possible or available at Airports as well as large and popular Safari destinations and not Car Rental Companies.

For a Car Rental Company to have such an exception, it attracts an extra fee to be able to pick the car and sometimes drop it off outside the official opening hours. However, there are a number pending things travellers wish to know concerning this subject and therefore we shall provide all the necessary information;

What are out-of-hours fees?

Out-of-hours fees are extra charges that customers of Car Rental Companies pay in the event of picking or dropping off the car outside official opening hours. One thing you need to understand is that majority of Car Rental Companies or Agencies provide this exceptional option when booking a car, with an extra fee to cover the costs of bringing the Company employee outside official working hours. Just take it as a way of paying for the employee’s overtime and extra hours.

How much will I pay in out-of-hours fees?

How much you will pay in out-of-hours fees varies from one Car Rental Company to the other and therefore it is important to read through the Terms and Conditions of your Car Rental for these details.

How can I pick up a Rental Car outside the official opening hours?

If the Car Rental Company offers options for online booking, make sure that you check and enter the exact time you wish to pick up the reserved car, then go ahead to see some of the available options as well as any extra fees (if available) that you will be required to pay.

Most Car Rental Companies in Uganda have websites and therefore make your concern known so that they can also give you the necessary information concerning pick-up and drop-off of cars outside normal working hours. Here we recommend that you request the out-of-hours pick-ups when booking the Rental Car online, not forgetting the prevailing information on the Terms and Conditions of the chosen deal.

How do I drop off a Rental Car outside the official opening hours?

Majority of the large Car Rental locations especially the Airport boast of opening 24/7 and have a secured and fully operational office where you can drop off the Car. However, for Tour and Travel Companies offering car rental services can especially open beyond working hours if arrangements are done in advance and you will obviously pay an extra fee for the employee’s overtime hours.

How are out-of-hours fees charged?

Out-of-hours fees are usually charged immediately after your pick up or drop-off of the car outside the normal working hours unless it is added to the rental price especially if it was mentioned beforehand. If paying online by Pesapal or Xpresspay, it will directly be deducted from the Credit Card.

How to avoid paying out-of-hours fees

The only and easiest way to avoid paying the out-of-hours fees is just picking up or dropping off the Rental Car in Uganda when the reservations desk is open.

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