Mzansi Love Season 1


Summer of Love – Tuesday’s 9pm 

The Designer…. The Journalist…. The Chef…..
These Mzansi career women all share one thing in common:

The business of love.

This exclusive drama series brings you a whirlwind of romance and entertainment as beautiful maidens are swept off their feet by dashing young men.

Created by Nigerian-born South African actress, Moky Makura – who you might know as Hlomla Dandala’s sister Folake on Jacob’s Cross – Mzansi Love is based on the ‘Nollybooks’ chic-lit series (the ‘African’ version of the schmaltzy pink romance novels made famous by publisher Mills & Boon).

If you love Tinsel, Scandal! or 4Play: Sex Tips for Girls, you’ll love this!


6. Game On! – Cassandra is fed up with making wedding gowns for other women, and turns to the internet dating in her search for Mr Right. But what happens when this fun diversion turn starts to take over her life?

5. PHD – A romantic spark ignites between journalism student Shezi and investment whiz Jason, but things take an interesting turn when Shezi’s assignment looks set to put their passionate liaison in jeopardy.

4. Your move! – Mandisa’s fashion business is on the brink of disaster. Is she willing to do all it takes to raise the cash from her ex-boyfriend and save the fashion house?

3. Uncovered! – Thuli lands her dream job as an undercover journalist. In a risky covert operation, she uncovers a secret that forces her to make the choice between her career and her conscience.

2. Something’s Cooking – Malupe is an aspiring chef in a top hotel who gets in a sticky situation with her new boss. Is this a case of too many cooks spoil the broth? Or could it be a recipe for love?

1. Office Games – Naledi gets a new job at a marketing consultancy where the boss is her childhood crush Tumi. He thinks she’s just another gold-digger, but will Naledi be able to convince him otherwise?

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