Jacob’s Cross

Jacob's Cross

An illegitimate son inherits his father’s dream and a family he may never belong to…

The new alliance between Bola and Adana is fueled by revenge and greed.  Bola blackmails Folake with her husband’s life in return for the huge Soludo fortune which Shy has stashed away.  The Abayomi clan is dealt a devastating blow when a major oil spill occurs on their new offshore oil field and against all expectations, their relief comes from a proposal by Bola. But Jacob (played by Hlomla Dandala) and Folake (played by Moky Makura) have to face the authorities and world press, and fight to save the reputation of their family and the empire left to them by their father.

One man’s dream to build an African Empire is filled with dramatic twists and turns. Idealists dreaming to break free from their colonial and apartheid legacy collide with the lure of money, power, corruption and beautiful women.  That is the explosive cocktail that makes Jacob’s Cross a successful series.

As Jacob is celebrated across Africa for his brave fight against corruption and the wildly successful Abayomi listing on the stock exchange, tragedy strikes when Ma Thembi is rushed to hospital. Soon Jacob finds himself sucked into the shadowy underworld of organ donors and human trafficking when he makes a shocking discovery right under his nose. Determined to shut down the people who trade in desperate and poverty stricken people’s organs he starts to unravel a formidable network stretching far beyond borders and human trafficking alone.

As Jacob faces his darkest foe he finds himself drawn to a fiercely independent and beautiful young medical student whose investigative streak lands her in terrible danger. Will Jacob be able to save the two women he loves?

Meanwhile, Andile is feeling displaced and disconnected as Busi moves their family into the suburbs to get their children a better education. Andile tries to connect with his son who like him is struggling to fit in and starts to hang out with the ‘wrong’ boys.  Bola is hell-bent on revenge against those who betrayed him in prison. Adana lies low in hiding, but when Folake discovers Abimbola has a life threatening illness, she is forced to step into the public light. How long will it take before Bola tracks her and Abimbola down?

Folake finds herself prepared to risk all, including her reputation as she will do anything to save the life of her nephew Abimbola, who she loves like her own child. Will her marriage to Shy survive? While the super powerful billionaire Ola Coker licks his wounds at having lost a deal to Abayomi, he plots to bring Jacob and Prospero to their knees. Legacy finds itself under attack from this powerful competitor, as one crisis after another besets his organisation

The final season of Jacob’s Cross sees our heroes stand together as they fight for the people they love, the empire they have built and the continent they believe in.

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